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Crimping Tools

Crimp Tools is a product category where you will find practical equipment to help you work in heavy industry and workshops. While a lot of installation work can be done manually, you need the right crimping tools. These tools are ideal for installers and maintenance technicians who want to get the job done quickly and efficiently, but also value light weight and mobility when working.

In this category you will find crimping tools for mechanical, electrical and electronic connectors, which guarantee perfect positioning of the tip in the cable. In addition, the crimping sockets are positioned in such a way as to provide the user with a clear view when inserting the connector and cable. A special unlocking system allows for quick die changes, so you don't have to use special tools to do so. The crimping tools you will find with us are ergonomic and compact devices that allow the correct positioning of the individual pliers and dies in the modular holder, resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Powerful pneumatic crimping tool

The Pneumatic Crimping Machine available on our platform will meet the requirements of even experienced installers and enclosure assemblers. This device is characterized by its quick operation, making it possible to crimp a large number of sleeves in a short time. With the Pneumatic Crimping Tool you can crimp both insulated and non-insulated sleeves without any effort. With us you will find lightweight and handy models, which allow you to work even in hard-to-reach places. With its sturdy polyamide housing, the Pneumatic Crimping Machine is suitable for all kinds of industrial applications, so you can also use it in your factory or workshop - convince yourself of the high quality of products offered by reputable manufacturers and choose the right pneumatic crimping machine for your industry.

Crimp cable ends safely

Crimping tools are indispensable for properly terminating cables and connecting them in distribution boards, junctions and junction boxes. Cable lug crimping is an operation that ensures safe and secure transmission, distribution and use of electricity. Cable lug crimping is a pressing technique that is a much quicker and more reliable method of joining or terminating cable and wire ends compared to soldering. Soldering can lead to overheating and damage to cables, or even fire as a result of oxidation of the contact points.

Crimping tools available in this section, thanks to compact design, allow for easy operation with one hand, even in hard to reach places. A special die system used in the design ensures maximum efficiency, easy selection of crimping sockets and repeatability of crimping. Among many models of scissor crimping machines, crimping machines with pressing dies for trapezoid, square or hexagon you will certainly find a product tailored to your needs. Precision made dies, factory calibrated device and the possibility of mounting a wire stripper guarantee professional crimping of cable ends.

Thanks to the cable sleeve, multi-stranded wires are effectively protected against mechanical damage which may lead to a short circuit. Depending on your needs, on our portal you will also find crimping terminals, which you can select according to the requirements of your industry. On the market you will find both female and male crimp terminals, as well as eyelets, sockets with plastic flange or round insulated. On our portal you will also find all kinds of crimping tools for rings, such as pliers or professional crimpers.

Bet on high quality crimping tools from proven manufacturers. The wide range of products will meet the needs of every electrician, installer and assembler and is tailored to even the most complex electrical systems. The right crimping tools are a guarantee of safe use and reliability for many years. Visit the other categories, which will allow you to find in one place tools to completely equip your company.