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Construction chemicals

The offer of our online store is construction chemicals intended for professional use during the construction of residential and commercial buildings, as well as specialized renovation and maintenance works. The cheap and efficient products for construction available in the assortment are materials for the construction of houses and commercial buildings, among which you can find:

  • plasters and adhesives,

  • paints and varnishes,

  • sealants and silicones,

  • plaster and coats,

  • impregnations and mounting foams,

  • solvents and thinners,

  • soil, joints and grouts,

  • mortars and screeds,

  • cleaning and care products.

All products are distinguished by the ease of use and application, without the need to use dedicated tools. Constructed using our construction chemicals, structural layers are characterized by excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions, moisture, a wide range of temperatures and highly reactive chemicals. At the same time, they are created with the use of non-toxic substances, which makes them environmentally friendly.

Efficient and cheap products for construction

In the offer of efficient and cheap products for construction you will find high-class plasters and articles for plastering, which are perfect for tasks related to covering walls, ceilings and structural elements with finishing layers. At the same time, they are an effective protection against environmental factors and an excellent base for the application of paints and varnishes. You can find products intended for the facades and interiors of residential and commercial buildings.

The painting and varnish solutions included in the assortment of our online store with construction chemicals are necessary materials for the construction of houses and infrastructure facilities. They allow you to effectively protect walls and ceilings, and at the same time give them an attractive appearance. The products are resistant to abrasion and UV radiation and have long-term durability of the coatings. They are also easy to keep clean and are not susceptible to the development of fungi and mold.

Professional materials for building houses

Professional materials for the construction of houses for single-family houses and industrial plants as well as public utilities available in our offer are specialized construction chemicals at an attractive price, thanks to which the process of erecting the building will run very smoothly. The offered silicones and sealants will allow for effective protection of all types of gaps against the ingress of water and contamination. They are intended for universal use in contact with wood, metal or glass.

Specialized solutions offered by our store also include construction chemicals intended for cleaning surfaces after renovation. High-class cleaning agents and care preparations allow you to remove dirt and stains, as well as eliminate undesirable odors. Additionally, they preserve and protect against the formation of new dirt. The products also enable cleaning of facades and facades of utility buildings and historic tenement houses. They are easy to use and very efficient.

Ecological and reliable construction chemicals

High-class construction chemicals are ecological and reliable products that are characterized by excellent efficiency and, at the same time, economic operation. The interiors of flats and offices created with their use are characterized by a great appearance for many years, because the walls and ceilings finished with them are resistant to dirt or mechanical damage. The products are safe for materials found in modern construction, such as wood, plastic, metal or architectural concrete.

The solutions in the field of modern and efficient construction chemicals offered by our online store are a specialized product range, necessary at every construction site, as well as during all kinds of finishing, renovation and maintenance works. Take advantage of our rich offer and choose reliable construction chemicals at a good price. We provide professional support in selecting the best products and professional advice after purchasing the right materials.