Circlip pliers

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O-ring pliers

The circlip pliers are specialised tools for assembling/disassembling this type of snap ring. Since they were invented by Willy Seeger of Germany, they are also called Seger pliers. They are used in mechanical work. Outer rings are mounted with these pliers e.g. on shafts and pins, inner rings e.g. in bushings or hulls. The circlip accurately fixes the position of bearings or other components used in the construction of mechanisms and prevents their longitudinal displacement. Retaining rings are made of special spring steel. Outer rings have diameters from 3 to 1000 mm, and inner rings - from 8 to 1000 mm.

Design of circlip pliers

The circlip pliers, like other types of pliers, are an arrangement of two double-armed levers with a common axis of rotation. Their shorter arms are the working jaws and the longer arms are the handles. Two types of Seger pliers are manufactured: for putting on external and internal rings. They differ in the direction in which the jaws move. In the inner ring pliers, for instance, the jaws move together when the handles are pressed together, whereas they move apart in the outer ring pliers. The first type of pliers is thus used to reduce the ring diameter and the second type to increase it. For gripping the circlips directly, two small pins of varying length and thickness (0.9 to 4.5 mm in diameter) are attached to the jaws of the pliers. They are made of strong spring steel. Seger pliers have jaws that are straight or bent at angles: 15°, 30°, 45° or 90°. These tools are also available with interchangeable jaw tips of different diameters and shapes (straight or bent at different angles). This allows the shape of the tool to be adapted to the size of the ring and its location. The handles of Seger pliers are offered with plastic covers, mostly made of PVC. Seger pliers for external rings are equipped with a spring which shuts off the jaws, and for internal rings they are equipped with a screw stop. On the other hand, universal ring pliers with interchangeable jaws are equipped with jaw opening locks. O-ring pliers are usually manufactured from chrome vanadium steel by drop forging, heat treated and machined. Such tools are usually coated with oxidized (blackened) or chrome plated. Hard steel versions are also available, e.g. the above-mentioned combination pliers.

Types of circlip pliers

On the basis of the type of Seger ring which is to be mounted, the type of ring pliers is divided into: internal and external circlips.

Main characteristics of slip ring pliers

The technical parameters which characterize the slip ring pliers are: overall length (mm), internal bore diameter for the internal Seger ring (mm), shaft diameter for the external Seger ring (mm), working end diameter (mm) and weight (g).

Applications for circlip pliers

Slip ring pliers are used in the construction and maintenance of machines and vehicles. They are manufactured e.g. by Bahco, Beta, Facom, Gedore, Hazet, Knipex, Proxxon, NWS, Snap-on, Stanley, Stahlwille etc.