Channel covers and trays

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Covers of channels and trays

Covers of channels and channels are covers for manholes and channels, which are selected primarily due to their practical application. They are used in those spaces where easy accessibility and high strength are required.

Duct and tray covers: characteristics

Duct and tray covers are used to close the duct space. They are most often made using an innovative injection technique. As a result, products with excellent technical parameters are obtained, with a homogeneous, composite structure. The most important advantages of special composite covers are: lightness, durability and ensuring safety. All covers are products designed in such a way by leading manufacturers that they can be easily installed and you do not have to worry about using them for a long time. They are the ideal solution for closing large channels and other surfaces such as trays. If access is required somewhere, there will be no problem with mounting the indicated elements. The covers can be installed on a previously prepared concrete screed or on a modular system of aluminum frames firmly adhering to the concrete. This type of lids can be used in various industries, depending on their overall design. They are perfect for example in: power plants, sewage treatment plants, waterworks, ports, docks, as well as in public places, such as stadiums or railway platforms. Their high abrasion resistance and pressure resistance make them reliable in any situation. At the same time, you can be sure that the flexible, angular cover, to the internal corner, connecting, or to the comb trough will be perfect for those applications that result from their direct construction.

Duct and tray covers: ergonomics of use

The covers of channels and channels available on the market are also characterized by considerable ergonomics of use. There are no problems with opening and moving them. Typically, each cover design includes two lifting points for specially developed FL7 handles. Thanks to this modern solution, users can remove the cover from the frame without fear of pinching or breaking their fingers. Complete safety is guaranteed when using this lifting technique. The shifting mass is placed close to the body, so it fully protects the operator's back against injury. The main advantages of channel and tray covers are: a large range of loads, a wide range of dimensions, colors and shapes, indifference to underground gases and most chemicals, no ability to crumble or crack, perfect thermal insulation, ease and safety of use, use of a special handle for holding which eliminates damage to fingers and back, eliminates the risk of theft due to the lack of any value on the secondary market, long warranty period, strong and homogeneous structure, non-delamination, grooved surface made of special non-slip material, perfect access to manholes, electrical installations and underground installations pipe, resistance to ultraviolet rays, color stability, resistance to any cracks, the possibility of using safety locks, the possibility of marking the cover, the possibility of choosing covers in a conductive and non-conductive option.

All covers available on the Polish market have a security level adjusted to European standards. Composites of this type should always be selected according to the intended applications. Only then will they fulfill all utility tasks. The use of a material that is lighter than steel or concrete in the covers prevents injuries in the course of everyday work. In addition, easy installation and uncomplicated operation become further amenities for employees and subcontractors.