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Body protection

The risk of injury or deterioration in health is a common risk in many industries. Incorrectly selected items of clothing can significantly affect the condition of the body. Therefore, appropriate body protection is essential, which will protect a person against the effects of basic hazards that may occur in the workplace. Body protection is primarily protective clothing. Under Directive 89/686/EEC, workplaces are divided into three categories of safety - protective clothing is selected according to the risk to which the employee is exposed during work.

Protective Clothing - Safety Categories

Protective clothing Category I protects against minimal risks. It is also called workwear and is made of flame-retardant, acid-proof and dust-proof fabrics. That is why we offer protective clothing , which will protect the body against contamination with cleaning agents, surface mechanical damage and weather conditions. An example of this type of clothing is a disposable protective apron , which will certainly be useful in the medical industry.

Protective clothing Category II covers protection against a specific factor - examples of this type of clothing include cut protection clothing that reduces the risks to which welders are exposed, and high-visibility clothing used by road services. In turn, protective clothing III category is specialist clothing that protects not only health, but also life of the employee. Here you will find not only a work suit that will protect against strong chemicals, but also against radiation, electric shock, high and low temperatures and splashes of hot substances. You can find all three categories of products that you can adapt to your needs. Thickness, impregnation, special fiber weave or seams - all these elements are important when it comes to your safety. Check out our offer and choose the products that are right for you.

Overalls and other body protection

In this category you will find not only overalls for the whole body, but also a complete protective suit. Thanks to them, you will provide complete, comprehensive protection for all employees. Remember also that it is worth equipping the warehouse with a supply of appropriate clothing, so that everyone can easily replace accidentally damaged pants, sweatshirt or jacket. You will also get these products separately from us - thanks to this, you will fill the gaps in a short time and at an attractive price. Moreover, OHS protective clothing also includes shirts, vests and underwear. All these items of clothing are useful in many different industries that require clothing appropriate to the type of work performed. You will also find a practical disposable protective gown , which will ensure the safety of all medical workers who need sterile protection before entering the operating room.

In this category you will also find rainwear that effectively protects against weather conditions. OHS protective clothing of this type is windproof and mostly frost-resistant. Properly selected, it is suitable for operation in cold stores or highly air-conditioned warehouses. You will also find overalls that will protect against mechanical damage to which people working on the belt are generally exposed.

Various sizes and colors - choose the right protective clothing for your employees

The wardrobe that you can find in this category are suggestions that can be easily adapted to the industry in which you operate. Ensure the safety of your employees and use the same color for all uniforms. Protective clothing can also be adjusted according to size. You can choose from all possible sizes - just stock up on a few and an employee of any size will be able to start working effectively and efficiently. You can adjust the appropriate models of the necessary clothing to your preferences. If your employees need body protection measures that will protect them from physical, biological or chemical hazards - you will find the right clothing here! Taking care of health and safety is not only a formal requirement, but a priority for every employer so that their employees feel safe and can work better. Check out our full offer and check out other categories!