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Motor starter/Motor starter combination Siemens 3RK13956KS713AD3 Reversing starter DC Class 1 IP65
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Motor starter/Motor starter combination Siemens 3RK13956KS713AD3 Reversing starter DC Class 1 IP65

€588.84 +VAT
PLN 2,737.92
  • Manufacturer: Siemens
  • Manufacturer Code: 3RK13956KS713AD3
  • EAN: 4011209824140
  • Type of motor starter: Reversing starter
  • Voltage type for actuating: DC
  • Release class: Other
  • Type of electrical connection of main circuit: Other
  • Type of electrical connection for auxiliary- and control current circuit: Other
Response time: usually up to 2 days
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Automation is present wherever advanced production processes take place and there are many devices. It is responsible for controlling and supervising the machines. Automation reduces human involvement in mechanical work to a minimum. In addition, appropriate machines monitor the quality of manufactured products on an ongoing basis, which in turn allows for fast and trouble-free production.

Well-designed industrial automation systems are essential in many workplaces today. Due to their complexity, many activities without automation would be impossible. One of the most important roles is played by PLC controllers that collect input data and, in accordance with the logic of the program, process them into output signals that control actuators. In this category you will find a whole range of controllers of various sizes for small, medium and large applications. This great simplification has a lot of other dependencies, functions and parameters. Automation is also all control devices that provide data on faults, speed of operation and breakdowns. All this allows for quick reaction of the operators and effective control of the entire production process.

Another important element of the safety system that you will find in the automation category are industrial sensors. They are responsible for detecting and recording any signals coming from the environment that may be important for the control algorithm. They allow you to measure temperature, detect liquids, glass, loose materials, wood, and any other small objects. Industrial automation is also signalling. On our website, reputable manufacturers display a wide range of beacons, including LED warning lights, beacons, beacons, columns, sirens and alarm bells. Enjoy the wide range of products that automation offers. You can choose from many possibilities - signals in different colours, adjustable versions with sound or energy-saving and durable models with LED lighting? The decision is yours.

Industrial automation

Industrial automation is also all technical systems that are responsible for generating movement through force transmission, transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy. In this category, you will find more or less extensive electric, hydraulic or pneumatic drive systems that will work well in any industry. Innovative solutions implemented by proven manufacturers allow to generate less vibrations, noise and temperature, which significantly translates into greater efficiency and life of the devices. Industrial automation also offers all accessories necessary for the proper operation of machines. Among them you will find contactors for switching on and off specific devices, modern remote maintenance and control modules that significantly reduce the time needed to locate faults, as well as all measurement and control techniques. Thanks to them, solutions from the industrial automation category allow for constant monitoring of parameters such as temperature, pressure or gas flow control, which is often a must in production halls.

In addition to production halls, warehouses also need tailored solutions, which is why warehouse automation turns out to be invaluable. It affects the automation of rooms, supports the work of people, and also increases the efficiency of warehouse work. Warehouse automation allows you to maintain full control over the stocks, stabilizes the quality of products, improves the flow of information in the company and reduces the risk of errors in all warehouse processes.

Check out the wide range of solutions for the process and hybrid industries, which are available in the automation category. You will find specialized digital devices in the field of integrated automation and electronics, as well as control systems, software, and control, measurement and analytical equipment. Innovative industrial automation systems are a number of benefits for your company, do not wait and see how many benefits automation will give you!