Agricultural chemistry

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Agricultural chemistry

Our offer includes professional agrochemistry dedicated to specialized applications in modern farms. Ecological agrochemical preparations are based on ingredients safe for the natural environment and are characterized by high efficiency. The chemicals for agriculture we offer have won the recognition of thousands of professional farmers from all over Poland and are valued for their excellent value for money. You can buy products such as:

  • foliar and sprinkling fertilizers and fertilizers that stimulate natural defence mechanisms,

  • adjuvants, bacterial and fungal vaccines and preparations that fertilize the soil,

  • herbicides, fungicides, fungicides and slugs,

  • growth regulators and substrate ph.

The fertilizing solutions available in our assortment allow us to provide plants with the necessary nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium or phosphorus compounds in the right form and in specially selected doses. The agrochemistry available in this category also allows to improve the functional and physicochemical parameters of soil, which include reaction, sorption capacity, water capacity and the presence of microflora. The effect of the application of the products is increased fertility and greater yield.

Modern agrochemicals at a good price

The modern and efficient agrochemical preparations in the rich offer of our online store are practical chemicals for agriculture available at a good price. They provide the soils with the necessary minerals and prevent their sterilization during heavy rains or periods of drought. You can buy mineral fertilizers, single-component, multi-component fertilizers, as well as slow-acting fertilizers in the form of capsules and liquids. They contain the perfect concentration of the most important elements, i.e. potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, nitrogen, sulfur, calcium and iron.

Professional agrochemistry, which you will find with us, is also protective chemicals for agriculture, which allow for effective protection of plantations against pests and fungal and bacterial diseases. They also prevent weed growth and improve soil fertility. The offered fungicides, insecticides and herbicides are very efficient solutions that allow the application of preparations over a large area. They are also an excellent choice for plant protection in gardening or urban greenery.

Ecological and professional chemicals for agriculture

Specialist chemicals for agriculture are ecological and professional agrochemistry, thanks to which you will improve the quality of crops and reduce the risk of attack by insects or pathogens. The offered products fight diseases and pests, and at the same time can be used in combination with other agents used for the care and fertilization of crops. At the same time, they are harmless to insects that are natural pollinators. They enable effective control of the Colorado potato beetle, spider mites and mealworm.

Commonly used agrochemicals available in our assortment are cheap and efficient chemicals for agriculture that improve plant growth parameters. The fertilizers available from us contain a specially selected composition of micro and macro elements, which are the necessary nutrients for cultivated vegetation. They are easily digestible, safe for humans and animals and environmentally friendly. Moreover, they do not react with protective preparations.

Innovative agrochemistry for farms

Ecological and innovative agrochemistry for farms, which we offer, is a series of innovative products composed using the latest technologies and achievements of agricultural and biotechnological engineering. Professional products are perfect for combating spider mites, snails, fungi, weeds and pathogens.

The agrochemicals we offer are environmentally friendly solutions that do not contain any substances toxic to ecosystems. They improve the fertility of the soil and regulate the growth of cereals, and also help to control the pH of the substrate. Take advantage of our wide offer and choose the effective agrochemistry at a good price!+