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Fixture frames

Equipment frames are important accessories used in cable ducts - that is surface-mounted energy distribution systems. They are used as equipment holder covers - in which, for example, sockets or connectors can be placed. Equipment frames are usually mounted directly in the duct. In addition, there are also accessories for floor boxes or ceiling openings.

Fixture frames - offer

Surface-mounted cable channels are a very convenient and quick way to run electrical wiring in a home, utility room or office. Such a system is very easy to modify, because supplying electricity to a new workplace does not require, for example, hammering walls. In such a situation, it is enough to bring a new strip or cable tray. Cable channels can be led even inside the furniture, which allows for a very aesthetic arrangement of the space in a given room.

The very installation of the socket or connector in the duct is extremely simple. The accessory holder is most often equipped with a quick assembly system - just push it into the cable channel. However, this type of equipment must still be masked - as in the case of concealed installations.

Equipment frames are adapted to modular solutions used in ducted energy distribution systems. Therefore, they are sized to suit specific types of slats and troughs. Depending on the number of installed fittings, frames single, double or designed for a larger number of boxes are used. There are also grilles equipped with a description field, which makes it easier to organize the electrical installation.

There are also hardware frames with a lid on the market. Such a solution provides anti-splash protection, therefore it is worth installing it, for example, in utility rooms or craft workshops.

There are also equipment frames designed to mask cable conduits leading from the ceiling or floor. When installed in the ceiling, they are recessed directly into the ceiling. During floor installation, for example, flexible covers in the form of a protruding pedestal are found.

Equipment frames - both single and designed for larger modules - have clamp structures. Thanks to this, their assembly is very simple - just push them into the appropriate socket in the accessory holder, covering its edges.

The concealment of the accessory box in the cable duct serves not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for protection (protecting against accidental electric shock). Therefore, such elements must be made of strong plastic (eg PC / ABS). These are halogen-free materials with self-extinguishing properties, characterized by resistance to work in a wide temperature range.

Floor boxes and mini-towers

In office properties - especially in the case of open spaces - floor boxes are often used to facilitate the supply of electricity to workplaces. Such an element consists of a box (placed in a concrete screed) and a mounting frame for hinged covers. It also uses various types of equipment frames, designed to finish connectors, sockets or other equipment handles.

Floor boxes are very popular wherever it is necessary to provide electricity in places distant from the walls. Such elements are characterized by a high level of protection against external factors, which is expressed in the IP scale (eg IP 40). All this makes this solution much safer than running power cables on the floor.

If the floor box cannot be installed in the raised floor, protruding mini-towers, posts or columns are used. Such solutions are characterized by simple construction and easy installation. Also in the case of this type of posts, equipment frames are used as the finishing of sockets or connectors. A wide range of this type of accessories makes it easier to maintain the aesthetic finish of cable channels in the room.