Photovoltaic modules - savings in the company

Photovoltaics is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs. Developers are also increasingly deciding to purchase and install them. Check what aspects are worth paying attention to when selling to customers.

What is photovoltaics and how does it work?

Photovoltaics is gaining more and more popularity, but few people are familiar with this technology.

When talking to a customer, it is good to explain that it is a field of science that deals with converting solar energy into electricity. Colloquially, this term also refers to photovoltaic installations. Photovoltaics is classified as a renewable energy source, which makes it very low-emission and environmentally friendly. Using photovoltaic modules allows you to produce electricity on your own, become independent from electricity suppliers, and thus significantly reduce electricity bills.

When explaining how photovoltaics work, remember that the customer is probably a complete layman, so do not skimp on essential basics, such as the system structure. However, use simple language and explain more hermetic concepts. Explain that a photovoltaic installation consists of modules, so-called "solar panels", which in turn consist of cells. This is where the photovoltaic phenomenon occurs. Cells can be made of two typesof silicon - monocrystalline and polycrystalline. They are responsible for generating electricity in photovoltaic modules. Other elements of the installation include:

• a bidirectional meter, which measures the flow of electricity and allows for the settlement of the amount of energy produced and consumed,

• an inverter, also called an inverter, which converts the direct current produced in the modules into alternating current used by power grids.

Why invest in photovoltaic modules?

What makes a solar installation profitable?

This is the question most customers come to service providers with. When selling solar panels, draw the customer's attention to the benefits of their installation. Generating energy from the sun using photovoltaic modules is virtually free.Although the installation itself is a significant expense, the reduction in electricity bills means that the investment pays off very quickly. Very low bills are an attractive prospect, but that's not the end of the benefits of using photovoltaic modules. Solar panels are very efficient, usually generating more energy than needed to power a business. You can sell the electricity produced by the cells in the modules to local power plants, making the installation not only pay for itself but also generate additional income.

Emphasize that thanks to solar-generated energy, the costs of running a business are significantly reduced. Such cheap electricity can further extend the scale of savings and also lower, for example, the costs of electric heating or hot water.

How to make the most of a photovoltaic installation?

When talking to a customer, advise them not only on the choice of installation but also suggest how to fully exploit the potential of photovoltaics.

Photovoltaic modules work thanks to solar energy. Installing the system in the right place is crucial for the efficiency of the entire system. Placing modules in a shaded area doesn't make much sense, as the panels need as much sunlight as possible for effective operation. To be as efficient and profitable as possible, the installation should be placed in a well-lit, sunnylocation. In this way, the cells will generate the most energy, and the installation will be efficient and cost-effective. It is also worth paying attention to the type of photovoltaic modules, or more precisely, the type of cells.

Panels using monocrystalline cells are more expensive but also the most efficient and durable. Their structure is very orderly, which allows the photovoltaic phenomenon to occur without any disturbances. Polycrystalline cells have a much more complex structure but are still quite efficient. If the customer wants to save money and buy a cheaper model of solar panels, recommend polycrystalline cells. However, don't forget to inform them about the slightly lower efficiency of the installation compared to monocrystalline cells. The product you help the customer choose should be as closely tailored to their expectations and needs as possible. Alwaysremember to draw the customer's attention to the advantages of a given solution, but do not omit any potential drawbacks.

Nowadays, every entrepreneur is looking for opportunities to reduce the costs of running a business, which are increasing month by month. Installing a photovoltaic system is an effective way to ensure that electricity bills do not significantly deplete the company's budget. If you want to offer your customers competitive prices and the highest quality, familiarize yourself with the offers of suppliers on the merXu platform. We invite you to contact us!