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Metal detector - 200 cm - waterproof - PINPOINT STEINBERG 10030304 SBS-MD-1

Metal detector - 200 cm - waterproof - PINPOINT STEINBERG 10030304 SBS-MD-1

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Features: · Two modes of operation: detection of all metals with high accuracy; detection of only selected metals Sensitivity - the device is able to detect the presence of metal up to 200 cm below the surface of the ground Control panel - numerous functions facilitate effective searching The waterproof coil of the detector and the boom allow for searching despite the rain. For users of all ages and all ages level of advancement - comfortable handle and adjustable arm. Metal detector SBS-MD-1 The metal detector is a versatile device that will be perfect for searching beaches, battlefields, areas of former settlements.The SBS-MD-1 model enables the detection of coins, jewelry, gold and silver items and other items made of magnetic or non-magnetic metal.With the help of the Steinberg Systems detector, it is also possible to determine the routes of electrical cables in floors, walls and ceilings.Steinberg Systems metal detector - characteristics High usability of the Steinberg Systems detector is due to the high sensitivity of the sensor.The search coil is used to detect objects at a depth of up to 200 cm.Water resistance allows you to continue working even in rainfall and in shallow water.The functionality of the device allows, using an intuitive panel, to choose between detection of all metals (ALL METAL) or only specific ones (DISC).The MOVE function is a dynamic area search, PINPOINT to precisely determine where the detected object lies.The SBS-MD-1 detector is also equipped with an acoustic signal volume control (socket for connecting headphones) and a tilting indicator informing about approaching the object.The convenience of use is ensured by wide adjustment possibilities.The Steinberg Systems metal detector allows you to set the boom length in the range of 755-1050 mm, as well as adjust the angle of the probe.This enables comfortable work with the low weight of the device.Thanks to its high versatility and wide possibilities, the SBS-MD-1 metal detector is a good choice for amateurs and professionals.Low power consumption (powered by 2 x 9 V batteries) guarantees long use. Efficiency - detecting objects at a depth of up to 200 cm Versatility - the ability to search for all or only selected metals Convenience - an intuitive control panel facilitates the operation of the device's functions Versatility - adjustment of the boom length enables adjustment to the needs of users of various heights Resistance - thanks to waterproof components searching can be carried out even in the rain ModelSBS-MD-1 Catalog number 10030304 Item condition New Probe diameter18.8 cm Search range 200 cm - large objects 25 cm - small objects, coins Overall length 755-1050 mm Operating frequency 6.5-6.8 kHz Headphone jack 3.5 mm Battery 2 x 9V Dimensions (L x W x H) 00 x 19.00 x 104.60 cm Weight 0.95 kg Shipping dimensions (LxWxH) 54.00 x 22.00 x 13.00 cm Shipping weight 1.70 kg ...

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