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Band thickness [mm]
1.2 mm
Belt length [mm]
360 mm
Temperature range for installation [° C]
-10 ÷ 60 ° C
Polyamide (PA)
Belt width [mm]
4.8 mm
Working temperature range [° C]
-40 ÷ 80 ° C
Maximum bundle diameter [mm]
102 mm
Quantity in the package [pcs]
TRYTYTKI® GTM - with a mounting eyelet for attaching the band to the ground.Clamping bands of this type are used when we want to quickly fasten an object fastened with a THITTIC, directly to the substrate without the use of additional fastening elements.It is a standard TRITTEK in a natural color, additionally equipped with a hole in the fastener head that allows for quick and practical attachment of the fastened element to panels, boards, walls with a nail, screw or rivet.You can also treat the hole in the head as a handle that allows you to thread the band through a wire or rope and hang it in this way with the fastened element.