Inverter and PV panels

Expiration date: 12/23/2021

Wojciech Głąb 10:20 (0 minutes ago) to me


Specifies his order:

< p> 1-phase inverter ESB 10 kW -48V,

Panels approx. 450 W, no longer than 1750 mm pcs 10 + bridges for their mounting on a trapezoidal sheet, preferably 350x70 mm pcs 36+ balancers type BL 10 battery pcs 3+ bridges for connecting the battery length approx. 30 cm fi Cu cable 35 mm²-pcs 3, as above, but 1.5 m long - pcs 2+ DC / DC protection pcs 1 without housing - pcs 1+ cables for connecting panels with INVERTER Ø 6 mm² length 10 m - 2.

I want to have the materials on 29-30.11.21.r.

I propose an advance payment of up to 50%, the rest to the courier.

If you cannot fulfill the order by 30/11, please let me know when I can have it at my place.

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