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HELLSTEIN spol. s r.o.
Location: Czechia
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Sludge storage set and wastewater treatment plant for 10 people - Hellstein U4 + STMH10

CZK 140,174.00
  • Manufacturer: Hellstein

Wastewater treatment plant for 8 people - Hellstein STMH8 - maintenance-free 3-stage technology

CZK 103,478.00
  • Manufacturer: Hellstein

Wastewater treatment plant for 10 people - Hellstein STMH10 - maintenance-free 3-stage technology

CZK 112,174.00
  • Manufacturer: Hellstein

Sludge storage set and wastewater treatment plant for 8 people - Hellstein U3 + STMH8 - maintenance-free 3-stage technology

CZK 124,478.00
  • Manufacturer: Hellstein

Wastewater treatment plant for 15 people, Hellstein - STMH15 - maintenance-free 3-stage technology

CZK 138,261.00
  • Manufacturer: Hellstein

Wastewater treatment plant for 2 people - Hellstein STMH2 - maintenance-free 3-stage technology

CZK 77,391.00
  • Manufacturer: Hellstein
Location: Czechia


When building a house or some other structures, you will most likely benefit from products in this category. You will find gas or heating equipment, ventilation and air conditioning or plumbing. For each of these products, you will also need accessories or various accessories, which you will find in the individual categories.

Before buying any equipment, we definitely recommend that you remeasure the space in which you will install them. You will always find all dimensions in the product description. The actual installation of these devices always requires the supervision of an expert, so if you do not happen to be, be sure to invite him during the implementation. You will be sure that the installation will run smoothly.

Gas appliances

In the category of gas equipment, you will most often come across, for example, boilers, stoves or water heating equipment, and these can be further divided according to the type of gas they need for their operation (usually conventional natural gas, propane, butane or biogas). If you are going to install a gas appliance, it is necessary to take into account that it must be inspected before it is used for the first time, and regular inspections will usually follow to confirm that the appliance is working properly. A typical example is the inspection of a gas boiler, which is performed once a year.

In the case of gas appliances, our recommendations for installation by a specialist apply twice. Potential damage due to improper installation can be really extensive, both on property and on health.

Heating equipment

The products in this category mainly include various types of boilers or heat pumps. Heating devices are common in family and residential as well as commercially used houses and are used for heating individual rooms and halls, as well as for water heating. Today, condensing boilers, biomass boilers or the already mentioned heat pumps are by far the most frequently used.

We always recommend buying a modern product that meets the relevant standards and certifications, because you can be sure that it will be ecological, economical and at the same time reliable.

Ventilation and air conditioning

Proper air ventilation is a necessity in virtually any room where people move for a long time. Regularly changed air has a positive effect on the health of room users, and without air, various building materials also get used. Regular ventilation, for example by opening a window, is therefore the absolute basis, but there are situations or spaces where it is simply not possible to ventilate in this way (closed office rooms, hotel rooms, etc.). Then comes the product from the category of ventilation and air conditioning, where you will find small and large air conditioners, heat recovery units or window seals.

Water installation

Whether you are embarking on any plumbing project, products in this category will fully cover all your needs. Products designed for plumbing include, for example, polypropylene (PPR) or cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) pipes, HT pipes and fittings, expansion joints, bayonet couplings, shut-off valves, taps, insulation materials, pumping technology and more. Thanks to them, you can connect showers, dishwashers, washbasins, sinks and anything else that your project will require to the water.