ULTRAVIOL NBVE-60/30 P flow-through virucidal lamp - passable

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ULTRAVIOL NBVE-60/30 P flow-through virucidal lamp - passable


  • voltage power supply: 230 V 50 Hz
  • power consumption: 105 VA
  • internal element emitting UV-C radiation: 2x30 W
  • external element emitting UV-C radiation: 1x30 W
  • intensity of UV-C radiation at a distance of 1 m: 100 μW / cm2
  • durability of the heater: 8000 h
  • fan efficiency: 132 m3 / h < / li>
  • disinfected volume: 25-50 m3
  • lamp operating range: 10-20 m2
  • second-class protection class: I
  • type of housing : IP 20
  • dome dimensions: 1125 x 285 x 130 mm
  • dimensions: 600 x 1340 x 600 mm
  • weight: 13.0 kg

The lamp is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene.

Flow virucidal and bactericidal lamp dual-function NBVE 60/30 P does not have working time counters.The version with counters is NBVE 60/30 PL.The highest quality of this device is confirmed by all the required certificates.It is used in waiting rooms, emergency rooms, operating theaters, laboratories, corridors, nurseries and kindergartens, and in all places where there are many people and where sterility is required.Using this lamp is very economical - it allows you to save up to PLN 300 per month.The device has two radiators: the external one allows the disinfection of the entire room when the users of the room / office are absent, and the internal one, which allows for effective deactivation of viruses, fungi, mold and other microorganisms even during the operation of the office (i.e. when the staff and patients are in the room).The forced air flow through the UV-C chamber prevents harmful radiation emitted by internal radiators from escaping to the outside.The device has undergone specialist tests in a microbiological laboratory.