Fibaro Set of radiator head and temperature sensor, Z-Wave Plus

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Manufacturer catalog number
Set- thermostatic head and temperature sensor, Z-Wave Plus

Unprecedented possibilities

FIBARO decentralized the heating process!
Instead of a single control device, it offers intelligent thermostatic heads that work together with each other and also with the control unit.
They can be installed on any number of radiators, according to real needs.

No other controller offers such a level of thermal comfort and such a number of options.

Thermostatic head FIBARO is an intelligent thermostatic head that controls the room temperature using either a built-in or an external sensor.
Automatically regulates the temperature level according to your individual needs.

Individual schedules
Use temperature control schedules adapted to the individual rooms in your home.
Ensure maximum comfort by having the temperature perfectly adapted to the room, time of day and your habits.

Energy savings and money
Advanced algorithms used in FIBARO thermostatic heads and in heating plans for your home
will help you achieve real heat savings.
Trust the new technology, you will save the environment and your family budget.
Cost reductions of up to 42% can be achieved!

Function Open window
Ventilate economically.
The head monitors the temperature drop, it knows when you started ventilating, in which case it switches off the heating for 30 minutes.

- compatibility with most thermostatic valves (M30x1,5, Danfoss RTD-N, Danfoss RA-N)

- intuitive mobile applications (quick status information, heating history , easy setup, etc.).
- possibility of voice control
- quick reactions to changes in the heating schedule
- heads in one room communicate with each other to achieve better results for comfortable heating
- powered by a built-in battery that you can easily charge via USB cable
- frost protection
- holiday mode
- automatic descaling
- child safety lock - automatic calibration

- power supply: 3.7 V Li-Pol internal battery (non-replaceable)
- charging: via MicroUSB connector, 5 V DC (+ - 5%), minimum 0.5 A
- operating temperature: 0 - 40 ° C
- storage temperature (head off): -10 - 25 ° C
- maximum heating water temperature: 90 ° C
- temperature measurement accuracy: 0,5 ° C (in the range 0 - 40 ° C)
- dimensions: dia. 56 x 74 mm (with connected valve adapter dia. 56 x 87 mm)
- dimensions of the temperature sensor: dia. 38 x 12 mm
- complies with EU directives RoHS 2011 / 65EU, RED 2014/53 / EU
- wireless protocol: Z-Wave plus (500 series)
- frequency band: 868 MHz (for EU)
- maximum radiated power: -4 dBm