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We have been on the market since 2001.Initially, we mainly dealt with public tenders.Several years ago, we decided to expand our business, and as a result, our online store was created:

. Our company has been cooperating with the largest Polish distributors and manufacturers of catering equipment, accessories and furniture for years.Our offer includes equipment from large manufacturers, but also from smaller, less known ones.Additionally, we also cooperate with foreign producers of gastronomic equipment.Every month we establish cooperation with new companies, which results in the constant expansion of our offer.We currently have over 50,000 products in our online store.
We import a significant part of the equipment directly from manufacturers from Italy, Spain, Greece and other EU countries, so we can offer you high-quality equipment at very attractive prices.We approach each client individually, which translates into the possibility of negotiating prices.We regularly organize promotions and sales.

We do not limit the company's activities only to the sale of professional devices and their servicing.We provide every customer with care in the field of technical consultancy and selection of devices for individual needs and requirements.At the request of our clients, we develop full technologies tailored to their specificity.We complete all necessary arrangements and guidelines.

Our company has been participating in public tenders for 11 years, as a result of which we equip kindergartens, schools, universities, hospitals and other public institutions.Our clients are also renowned large hotels, restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, chains of gas stations and other facilities such as bakeries, confectioneries, pizzerias, company canteens.We are a well-organized and experienced trading partner.

We also offer our clients financial solutions such as installment purchase or leasing.

We invite you to cooperate with our company.

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