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Services of the company Kompresory Vzduchotechnika s.r.o.

It has been more than 10 years since we established our e-shop due to the need for parts for our own production of automation technology.Thanks to this, you can be sure that we have the whole area of compressed air at our fingertips.See what additional services we provide:


Wherever you are in the Czech and Slovak Republics, you can be sure that the service and We will repair your machine in the same way as when you are our neighbors.We are constantly expanding our service network in cooperation with the best experts in the field.

We are preparing our own program for the whole process.We will communicate from your request to the completion of the service so as to ensure maximum comfort and the least possible time participation on your part.


Our company was originally established as a manufacturer of custom automation technology.Of course, we still provide this service today.Automated and single-purpose machines are one of our specializations, which is used by workshops and large establishments.

If the construction of a machine for higher productivity does not escape your production, do not hesitate to ask us for ideas and requirements.After more than 10 years in the field, we have a lot of completed projects.

All questions will be answered by Ing.Zdeněk Štuksa on tel. +420 603 432 326


Buying a compressor is just the beginning.Don't worry, it will help with anything!Comprehensive services are a common standard for us and that is why we have many installations of compressed air distribution in small production areas and large halls, for example with a focus on high-capacity production in automotive.

Wondering how everything goes?We will hear your ideas, inspect the installation site, focus everything, calculate and introduce you to what optimized air distribution should look like for the best possible function.If you agree with the proposal, we will get to work.We use only the latest distribution systems, which are easy to install, connect, ensure a low pressure drop and have top tightness.There is no need to worry about endless assembly that could interrupt operation.


We believe in the quality of the products we offer.That's why we provide an extended warranty on most products, without any additional charges or surcharges.The statutory 24-month warranty is only a "starting" position with us.For example, we provide a warranty of up to 60 months for selected Atmos compressors.


We don't want to keep all our knowledge to ourselves.We have been writing extensive articles for the counseling center for some time now, and our greatest achievement in this literary activity is the unique Handbook of Compressed Air , which describes in detail how compressed air works.We not only shop with us, but also educate them!

And if you need advice immediately, there is nothing easier than to write to us in chat support in the lower right corner of the page, to the email , or call +420 311 532 091 .We will be happy to advise you on your choice!


Some products can be further specified, such as when choosing a new car and equipment for it.A condensing dryer can be added to the compressor or an electric motor can be covered to reduce noise.It is also possible to configure the subsequent air treatment according to the requirements of the application.We try to do our best in this regard, actively cooperate with suppliers and come up with a final solution for you, so that you do not have to waste time looking for additional parts for the proper operation of your operation.

Our offer

  • Oil-free compressors (thanks to special friction and sealing rings, they do not need oil for lubrication, they are ideal for occasional use)

  • Reciprocating compressors (traditional type of compressors)

  • Food compressors (designed primarily for beer tapping, characterized by quiet operation and easy handling)

  • Dental compressors (intended for use in healthcare, especially in dental surgeries)

  • Screw compressors (newer type of compressors)

  • Pressure vessels (possibility of complete equipment incl. DHW certification)

  • Pneumatic tools

  • Filtration of treatment air

  • All accessories

Technical documentation and downloadable catalogs

  • We have a unique source of catalogs and we are happy to share!

  • Technical documentation is needed, visit the product detail page

  • In addition, we have a number of articles on how what works!

Why choose us?

  • Professional approach and maximum knowledge of the product.

  • Our comprehensive services are unique in the field.

  • We are a family business and the customer is our family!

  • We offer products we believe in.There is no average quality for us!

  • We can be a turnaround for you.Whatever you come up with ...