Transaction Fees

If you are the seller there is a one-time transaction fee for each Transaction as follows:

4% for the portion of the total Transaction value up to 6 000 EUR and

0.5% for any portion of the total Transaction value greater than 6.000 EUR

For example: The commission fee for the Transaction with the total value of 9 000 EUR will be calculated as follows: 4% from 6000 EUR + 0,5% from 3000 EUR = 240 EUR + 15 EUR. In total the seller will pay 255 EUR + VAT.

For the avoidance of any doubts the transaction fee is calculated from the total value of the Transaction which consists of the Product purchase price, delivery costs and all other costs, fees and taxes. The transaction fee is calculated in net amount and will be increased by the applicable VAT rate, which is included by the Service Provider and is due for payment according to the issued invoice. 

1. Transaction List: We keep a running list of all your transactions, including any sales you've made. Any sales you make at the end of the month will be added to the list by the 3rd day of the following month. You can check out your list HERE. We'll also send you an email to let you know when it's updated.

2. Qualifying Transactions: We'll consider a sale as final and charge the fee when:   

- The buyer has paid up.   

- You've signed a Freight Forwarding Agreement with us.   

- You've taken part in a promotion we've run that confirms the sale.   

- We have other information or documents proving the sale happened.

3. Disputes: If you think a sale on your list didn't actually happen or its value and commission fee are incorrect you can challenge it. Just provide some evidence, like a correction invoice.

4. How to Dispute: To submit your request you must use your dashboard exclusively and:    

- Let us know what your objections are.   

- Give us proof or a good reason to believe the sale didn't happen, or that the value of the sale and the fee are wrong.

5. Adding Transactions: If you've made a sale that isn't on the list, you can also add it yourself through your account.

6. Responding in Time: We recommend checking your transaction list regularly and letting us know straight away if you have any objections or comments. You have until the 5th day of each month to submit any comments about the previous month's list. If you don't get back to us by then, we'll assume you're okay with everything on the list and all fees will be included into your invoice.

7. Our Assessment: We'll look into any objections you have, finalize the list, and make it available in your account within 7 days. If we're not sure about something, we'll get in touch to find out more.

8. Disagreements: If you're not happy with our decision, you can file a complaint according to merXu's Terms and Conditions.

9. One Fee per Transaction: Even if there are multiple sale indicators, we'll only charge one transaction fee. For example, if you used payment services and signed a Freight Forwarding Agreement at the same time, you'll only pay one fee.

10. Automatic Charging: We'll automatically charge the transaction fee as soon as a sale is final. In case of payment methods available on merXu your success fee will be deducted from the amount transferred on your account. We'll send you an invoice by the 14th business day of the following month and all details will be available on your account. 

11. No Refunds: We can't refund transaction fees, even if a sale is partially canceled, the contract is ended, or there's a complaint about the product or service. We also can't refund fees if your account is suspended or deleted from the platform.

12. Keeping Things Fair on merXu: Just a reminder - you can't negotiate or finalize sales outside of merXu, or try to avoid paying transaction fees. You also can't send buyers to other platforms, shops or charge them extra based on how they choose to pay. This is against our rules, and it means the buyer won't be protected by merXu.

13. What functionalities will make sales management easier: Remember about Minimum Order Value functionality that allows you to manage sales volume. You can set it on your account and only accept orders of a certain value.Please refer to the merXu platform'sTerms and Conditions for more details and any further queries.