Alternativne Metode Plaćanja za Povećanje Prodaje i Konverzija

Prihvaćanje novih metoda plaćanja za održavanje konkurentske prednosti na tržištu ne može se dovoljno naglasiti

U današnjoj digitalnoj dobi, važnost prihvaćanja novih metoda plaćanja za održavanje konkurentske prednosti na tržištu ne može se dovoljno naglasiti

Ovo je posebno istinito kada se radi o međunarodnim transakcijama, gdje su sigurnost i jednostavnost od izuzetne važnosti.

U ovom ćemo članku istražiti alternativne metode plaćanja koje prioritiziraju sigurnost i jednostavnost transakcija, što u konačnici dovodi do povećanja prodaje i konverzija

Enhancing Security and Simplicity for International Transactions

One platform that understands the significance of this shift is merXu, which has partnered with Adyen to provide a robust financial payment ecosystem for its users. This strategic collaboration aims to enhance the B2B transaction experience within the merXu marketplace and support its pan-European expansion.

The Buy Risk-Free Program: Providing Peace of Mind for Buyers

Security is a top concern for both buyers and sellers, particularly when paying internationally. To address this, merXu offers a Buy Risk-Free program. When paying by card, customers have the option to use the chargeback feature in case the seller defaults. This program provides buyers with peace of mind and encourages trust in the transaction process. For more information on the Buy Risk-Free program, please visit the Help Center.

Availability of payments methods in different countries

To cater to the diverse preferences of your customers, it is crucial to provide a range of payment options.

In the EU, Mastercard and Visa, both available as debit and credit cards, are widely accepted across all EU countries, ensuring broad accessibility for your customers.

SOFORT and Trustly are popular payment methods that allow for international payments. This means that buyers from one of the listed countries can securely transfer funds to sellers located in another country on the list. SOFORT enables payments between merchants from the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Spain, Netherlands. While Trustly is available in: Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain

For specific markets, such as Poland (PL), merXu offers Pay by link through Online Banking PL, and the popular mobile payment method, Blik. Similarly, for Czech Republic (CZ) and Slovakia (SK), Pay by link through Online Banking CZ and SK respectively are available options through merXu. In the Netherlands (NL), customers can conveniently make payments using iDEAL, while Giropay is the preferred method in Germany (DE), and EPS is commonly used in Austria (AT).

By incorporating these alternative payment methods into your B2B trading strategy, and utilizing the comprehensive services of merXu, you can optimize customer satisfaction, enhance conversions, and drive growth in the EU market.

Increasing Sales Conversion Rates through Payment


Another significant advantage of adding online payment methods is the potential to increase sales conversion rates. Every buyer has their own preferences when it comes to payment methods. By offering a variety of online payment options, you show that you care about accommodating different buyers and their unique needs.This, in turn, increases the likelihood of a successful transaction, as buyers are more likely to complete a purchase if they can pay using their preferred method.

Building Trust with Secure Online Payments

Building trust with your clients is vital in any business relationship. By providing secure online payment options on merXu, you can augment buyer confidence. Buyers can feel assured that their sensitive information is safeguarded, as they have the convenience of paying using their preferred methods. This trust and assurance can lead to stronger customer relationships, repeat business, and positive word-of-mouth referrals.


Sumirajući, uključivanje alternativnih metoda plaćanja na merXu je strateška odluka koja može imati znatan utjecaj na prodaju i konverzije. Naglašavajući sigurnost i jednostavnost korištenja, merXu omogućuje kupcima da plaćaju s povjerenjem, dok omogućuje prodavateljima da optimiziraju svoj novčani tijek. Iskoristite potencijal ovih alternativnih metoda plaćanja, poput merXu Pay, kako biste otključali nove prilike i potaknuli poslovni rast

Pridružite se merXu i Adyen kako biste podigli svoje poslovanje na nove visine u dinamičnom svijetu e-trgovine