For Buyer

If you are looking for a product or service, but you cannot find it in the search engine and in the product catalog - use the inquiry. Show potential contractors that you are interested in receiving the offer. It is very simple.

In the first step, enter the product you are interested in. Also enter the quantity and unit.

In the next step, complete the additional inquiry parameters.

Remember, the more details, the easier it will be for the Seller to tailor their offer to you.

You have a description field for use. Enter here any additional information that the Seller should pay attention to. This will be, for example, information about required certificates, unique properties that interest you, etc.

Indicate which categories the items should come from. You can select up to 5 categories.

If you have a pictorial photo of what you are looking for - add it. You can add up to 8 photos. This will greatly facilitate the Seller's adjustment.

If you know the exact name of the product or its EAN, also fill in these fields.

It will be useful to define the parameters. Use the "Product parameters" box for this purpose. You will add a parameter and its value here.

Be sure to specify the country the item will be shipped to and the expiration date of the inquiry. After this date is exceeded, your inquiry will expire and will not be visible on merXu.

After adding an inquiry, it will be added to the list. When the seller has an offer for you, he will contact you.

You can manage your inquiries from within your account.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

For Seller

A good place to find a customer and business opportunities is the list of inquiries. Here you will find inquiries created by potential buyers.

Search the list. If you find an interesting query, make an offer to the Buyer.

To do this, select the appropriate offer from the list of products you sell. If you do not have an offer with a matching item or service - create it.

When submitting an offer to the Buyer, describe the details of the offer, such as the discount, shipping cost, etc. You can also ask for details to better understand the customer's needs.

When the customer receives your offer, they will be able to accept it. The next step is just to complete the purchase.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.