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Shock absorbers

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Safety shock absorber for working at heights

Performing work at heights is associated with a great danger not only for health, but also for life. This type of work requires full concentration, because the slightest mistake can end tragically. For this reason, it is recommended not only to be particularly careful, but above all to have appropriate safeguards. In addition to providing collective protection, the employer is obliged to equip employees with personal protective equipment, such as safety damper .

The shock absorber is one of the elements of personal fall protection equipment. In this case, the quality of workmanship is the basis, therefore the products available in our store are made of polyamide tape. It is extremely durable. It is also resistant to high temperatures and external factors. A characteristic feature of polyamide is high hardness and flexibility, as well as resistance to loads and tensile strength, which is everything that a specialized safety shock absorber should have.

You will find a safety shock absorber equipped with steel snaps, which additionally increases the durability of the structure. Suspenders with shock absorber is the best possible combination, ensuring full protection and comfort. We offer suspenders with shock absorbers with a durable, breathable waist belt, made of strong polyester fiber. Thanks to the 3-point structure, they evenly distribute the forces and keep the vertical, which protects the body against breaking.

Safety harness with rope and shock absorber - complete set

Appropriate safety equipment is essential when working at height. Above all, it guarantees safety and helps prevent many tragedies. Provision of appropriate fall protection measures is also regulated by law. Every employer employing people whose position is at risk of falling is obliged to provide the employee with appropriate health and safety conditions.

When making a decision, it is important to choose a fall arrest system, which consists of three elements: an anchor point, a safety harness and a connecting and shock-absorbing unit. It is worth noting that each of them is categorized as category II PPE, which means direct protection of health and life. Therefore, everything has to be reliable.

Go for a safety harness with lanyard and shock absorber ! Such a set includes all components necessary for proper protection. We make every effort to offer you the highest standards. High-quality materials used in their production guarantee reliability for many years. Remember, however, that this type of equipment must be regularly inspected and maintained.

Products such as safety harness with lanyard and shock absorber are usually considered the last resort when all other means of protection cannot be used. This is because they do not prevent a person from falling, they stop a person falling and soothe any effects of loss of balance. As an employer, make sure that the safety harness with lanyard and shock absorber meets all health and safety requirements. The products available with us meet all the strictest restrictions and have numerous safety certificates.

Working at height exposes workers to a high risk of injury or death from a fall or other serious accident. According to the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), such accidents constitute the largest proportion of all accidents at work (approximately 31%), and in particular fatal ones. Choose the highest level of protection and choose a professional safety harness with a rope and a protekt shock absorber .

We offer products such as safety shock absorber with protekt rope made of modern materials. Safety harness with a rope and shock absorber are equipped with solid fastening buckles and adjustable straps on the chest. Make sure you are properly secured! Check also our other categories - we provide fire protection equipment and workwear. In case of any questions or doubts, our specialists are ready to help.