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Invest Horeca Jacek Gargula
Location: Poland

Styrofoam cutting machine - 200 W - 1300/350 mm PRO BAUTEAM 10210052 GAZELLE 2.2

Starting at
PLN 888.80
  • EAN: 4062859006004
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM

Styrofoam cutting machine - 1300/330 mm - 200 W PRO BAUTEAM 10210055 GAZELLE 5

Starting at
PLN 1,449.74
  • EAN: 4062859006035
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM

Adapter - 3 blades - 20/27/34 mm PRO BAUTEAM 10210023 STYRO GROOVE SET PBT

Starting at
PLN 260.61
  • EAN: 4250928692504
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM

Styrofoam cutting machine - 1350/320 mm - 200W PRO BAUTEAM 10210026 EASYCUTTER

Starting at
PLN 1,087.50
  • EAN: 4250928692535
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM

Styrofoam cutting machine - 1300/330 mm - 200 W - two supports PRO BAUTEAM 10210057 GAZELLE 7

Starting at
PLN 1,413.83
  • EAN: 4062859006059
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM

Styrofoam cutting machine - 160 W - 1070/310 mm PRO BAUTEAM 10210049 GAZELLE 1

Starting at
PLN 927.77
  • EAN: 4062859005977
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM

Styrofoam cutter - table - 10.5 V PRO BAUTEAM 10210061 TECH-CUTTER 3000

Starting at
PLN 456.25
  • EAN: 4062859031723
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM

Styrofoam cutting machine 3in1 PRO BAUTEAM 10210040 ALUCUTTER 3IN1 V1 TRANS

Starting at
PLN 2,191.04
  • EAN: 4062859989314
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM

Set Styrofoam cutting machine - 1350/320 mm + Styrofoam knife - 250 W PRO BAUTEAM 10210027

Starting at
PLN 1,740.15
  • EAN: 4250928692542
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM

Styrofoam cutting machine - 200 W PRO BAUTEAM 10210028 ALUCUTTER

Starting at
PLN 2,268.99
  • EAN: 4250928692559
  • Manufacturer: PRO BAUTEAM


The main purpose of the roof is to protect the upper part of the building from the weather - rain, snow, wind and UV radiation. Roofs are usually divided according to whether they are straight (flat), sloping or steep. The division can be continued by whether the roof is insulated or uninsulated.

An example of insulated roofs are the roofs of family or residential houses, because they are firmly connected to the building and must lend the building, for example, quality insulation. In the case of uninsulated roofs, we are talking, for example, about roofs for parking spaces at the house or a bus stop. These roofs do not give the structures thermal insulation properties, but also protect them from certain weather conditions.

An important meaning of the roof is also the correct drainage of water so that it does not flow into the building. Watertightness can be ensured directly by the upper layer of the roof (roofing), but it can also be achieved by using different types of screeds, asphalt strips or roofing foils. The most used insulation materials for roof insulation are mineral wool or polystyrene.

Roofs typically consist of two parts - a load-bearing structure and a roof covering.

Types of roofing materials

Before buying roofing, you must pay extra attention to the construction plan. Each of the coverings provides the roof with different properties, has different dimensions and, of course, a different price tag. In addition, not every roofing is suitable for all types of roofs, so it is necessary to stick to the project or if you design the project yourself, a good knowledge of the different types of roofing is necessary to choose the right one.

You have a choice of a wide range of building materials from which roofing is made. The most popular roof coverings include fired tiles, asphalt shingles, OSB boards and plywood, sheet metal coverings, corrugated boards or fiber cement coverings.

Gutter systems for roofs

In order for the roof to properly fulfill the function of water drainage, it is necessary to build a quality gutter system for it, ie mainly gutters and downspouts. Again, you have a choice of different materials to give the roof of the project exactly the look and feel it needs. In this category, you will most often come across aluminum, titanium-galvanized, galvanized or plastic gutter systems.

Roof windows

Whether you want to design the attic as accommodation or not, you will probably like skylights. They can illuminate the attic nicely and allow it to be ventilated quickly. You have a choice of several types of constructions, typically swinging, tilting-swinging, climbing, arched or non-openable windows.

What else will you use when building a roof?

Building a roof is not entirely easy with wheels, so in addition to load-bearing structures, roofing or skylights, you will also find products from the categories of thermal insulation, waterproofing, anchoring technology, adhesives, penetrations, asphalt sealants and cleaners or plumbing elements.