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Bathroom fan fi 100 230V 14W 95m3 / h 35dB wall mounted with a pull switch (WP STYLE) 100SV

PLN 38.40
  • EAN: 4823016205704
  • Manufacturer: Vents Group sp. z o.o.

Axial fan PRINT 100mm with hygrostrost and timer D100V1H

PLN 159.00
  • EAN: 5907660875366
  • Manufacturer: Vents Group sp. z o.o.

Axial fan fi 100 230V 7.5W 97m3 / h 25dB standard white 100QUIET

PLN 103.20
  • EAN: 4824032044278
  • Manufacturer: Vents Group sp. z o.o.

TWISTER AOL100T automatic shutter duct fan with timer 70953

PLN 95.54
  • Material housing: Plastic
  • EAN: 8594056490202
  • Manufacturer: Kanlux S.A.
  • Weight: 530.0000
  • Nominal power: 0.0190
  • Nominal voltage 2: 240.0000

Household fan fi 150 230V 20W 240m3 / h 33dB wall mounted with a time switch and a hygrostat 150STH

PLN 80.40
  • EAN: 4823016216113
  • Manufacturer: Vents Group sp. z o.o.

Duct fan fi 200 230V 108W 1040m3 / h 52dB with a mixed flow TTPRO200

PLN 535.00
  • EAN: 4823059388044
  • Manufacturer: Vents Group sp. z o.o.

Duct fan 19W WIR WK-10 70 900

PLN 35.71
  • Material housing: Plastic
  • EAN: 5905339709004
  • Manufacturer: Kanlux S.A.
  • Weight: 400.0000
  • Nominal power: 0.0190
  • Nominal voltage 2: 240.0000

Duct fan 22W WIR WK-15 70903

PLN 39.04
  • Material housing: Plastic
  • EAN: 5905339709035
  • Manufacturer: Kanlux S.A.
  • Weight: 500.0000
  • Nominal power: 0.0220
  • Nominal voltage 2: 240.0000

Household fan fi 150 230V 20W 240m3 / h 33dB wall with a cord switch (WP STYLE) 150SV

PLN 54.60
  • EAN: 4823016208675
  • Manufacturer: Vents Group sp. z o.o.

Axial fan fi 100 230V 7.5W 97m3 / h 25dB with a timer white 100QUIETT

PLN 116.40
  • EAN: 4824032044285
  • Manufacturer: Vents Group sp. z o.o.
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Hurtownia Elektryczna ELEKTROMEGA s.c. B

Fans for everyone

The fans available in our offer can be used both in offices and living quarters. Depending on the needs, we offer fans with different parameters, functions and properties. We provide modern technologies for the 21st century and aesthetic qualities of a product that will fit into any arrangement. Fans from the best producers are a guarantee of quality and precision of workmanship. Due to the availability of various technical parameters, they will prove useful not only in industry, but also in commercial and private use.

Bathroom fans

If moisture starts to appear in your bathroom, it is a sign that you need the right equipment. The bathroom fans available in our offer will perfectly cope with this type of unpleasantness. We have bathroom fans for wall or ceiling mounting. Thanks to this range of offers, you will choose a solution that suits your needs. High quality and aesthetics of workmanship make them fit into any interior, constituting its tasteful finish. Bathroom fans , by supporting gravity ventilation, remove used air, excess moisture and unnecessary pollution. Choose items that suit you!

Kitchen fans

All catering rooms are exposed to high humidity due to hot vapors and smoke that arise during the preparation of food. Kitchen fans in this case will surely help to deal with unpleasant odors and heat, effectively removing all produced substances and odors to the outside. In our offer you will find kitchen fans with a modern design, high efficiency and resistance to high temperatures. We have many models from proven manufacturers, so you will surely find something for yourself. Kitchen fans are not only a solution for a restaurant, but also for your private kitchen. These devices really make life easier - see for yourself!

Pedestal fans

Our standing fans are devices whose main task is to ventilate and dilute the air in rooms. Contrary to appearances, they will prove themselves not only in the summer during high temperatures, but also in the heating season, when the air in the home or office is dry. In our offer you will find standing fans , equipped with various functions, such as remote control, three operating modes or the possibility of oscillation, ensuring the movement of air throughout the room. These small and aesthetic devices provide maximum benefits. Enjoy fresh air whatever the season!

Ceiling fans

Choose ceiling fans and install them at home, in an office, in a large hall, in an office, lecture hall or warehouse. The multitude of applications for this product gives a wide range of possibilities. Ceiling fans will prove themselves at any time of the year - in summer they will provide a cool breeze, and in winter they will guarantee the equalization of temperatures for the comfort of each user. Check out all our ceiling fans - these products will surely make your life easier!

Window fans

Window fans are designed to be mounted in a window or on a wall. Choose highly efficient, quiet and economical window fans from our manufacturers. Durable structure and aesthetic appearance allow for a wide range of applications. They are especially recommended for workshop and sanitary facilities. They can also be installed in bars. You can use them almost everywhere!

Duct fans

We also offer functional duct fans , thanks to which the air in the room will always be fresh and free of pollution. The products differ in design, functionality and purpose in order to best meet market needs. Duct fans are best for places where access to air is difficult. You don't have a window in your bathroom or in the back of the store? Nothing works better than Duct Fans !

Roof fans

If your building has a low air pollution level - choose roof fans ! They remove used air directly through the roof. They work mainly in commercial facilities such as factories, shopping centers and swimming pools. Choose roof fans with high efficiency to mount on any roof and enjoy clean air!