Electric radiators and heaters
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Electric radiators and heaters

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Electric heaters

Practical and reliable electric radiators are specially designed electric heaters that heat up to very high temperatures of several hundred oC, which results in the emission of infrared light. They are usually of a filament lamp design, the spectral maximum of which is selected at the point where infrared radiation begins to be radiated. It is not visible to the human eye, however it is actually felt by our sensory receptors in the form of a wave of pleasant warmth.

Professional electric radiators are one of the alternative methods of heating residential and commercial buildings. It is ecological and friendly to humans and animals. It is also an aesthetic solution, the installation of which in a visible place does not disturb the style of the room. Infrared heaters are resistant to intensive use in public places, and their casings provide excellent protection against mechanical damage. The products are covered by a long-term warranty.

What are electric heaters and how do they work?

Operation of electric heaters is based on the phenomenon of forced emission of high-energy infrared light, which is felt by people in the form of a heat wave. In fact, we are dealing here with electromagnetic radiation in the IR range, safe for living organisms. It quickly reaches every nook and cranny of the heated room, thanks to which the temperature in the interior rises after a few moments. At the same time, their compact design facilitates assembly or possible transport.

The infrared heaters available in our assortment are equipped with practical control elements and electronic controllers that ensure optimal temperature in the heated interior. They are also a perfect complement to the existing central heating installation. Among them you can find products made with the use of tempered glass and a minimalist frame. They are characterized by very good visual qualities, and their frame can be decorated with an image or an elegant photo wallpaper.

Advantages of modern infrared heaters

Modern electric infrared heaters are devices characterized by excellent performance parameters. What are their advantages?

  1. High performance and energy saving,
  2. Possibility of heating people and objects without damaging them,
  3. Immediate increase in room temperature,
  4. Hassle-free operation of large-sized and large-size interiors,
  5. No complicated maintenance required,
  6. Easy and quick installation of the infrared heater anywhere,
  7. Light and compact design ensuring great mobility,
  8. No emissions of harmful substances during work,
  9. Simple control with dedicated regulators,
  10. Does not cause rising dust,
  11. Safety thanks to no ignition risk.

The heating products in our assortment provide excellent thermal comfort to people staying in heated rooms. They are characterized by many years of service life and silent operation. They do not emit carbon dioxide and no harmful gases.

Efficient and cheap infrared heaters

Our infrared heaters are cheap and efficient heating solutions. Specially designed electric heaters are safe for the environment and trouble-free in operation. When properly installed, they do not require any maintenance and are trouble-free. They can be used in homes and offices, as well as on terraces and in garden arbors. They are also perfect for industrial facilities, i.e. production halls and logistic centers.

Visually attractive and very practical electric radiators are innovative heating constructions, thanks to which it is possible to provide thermal comfort to people staying in the room, without affecting its aesthetic function. The products are offered in many different colors and shapes. The minimalist design allows you to match them to modern interiors. If you are looking for an effective way to heat an office or apartment, take advantage of our infrared electric heaters !