Which pizza oven to choose?

Running a restaurant is a challenge even for experienced chefs.

Find out which pizza oven to choose.

Nowadays, it is not only the equipment that matters, but also the operating costs.

The kitchen equipment in a catering establishment is very important not only for the quality and taste of the food served, but also for the work of the cooks. Without the right tools, employees are unable to perform their tasks to the highest standard. Although pizzas can be baked in the home oven, they do not taste the same as those from a restaurant. A pizza oven is an absolute must, especially in establishments specialising in Italian cuisine. 

What distinguishes a pizza oven?

If a normal oven is effective for baking pizzas, why buy a special oven just for this purpose? The main argument for the need for a pizza oven is the high temperature that the equipment designed for the catering industry can maintain. The NT 622VS pizza oven can reach temperatures of up to 450 degrees Celsius! This is almost double the range at which domestic ovens operate. This makes a huge difference to the quality and taste of the pizzas. 

Thanks to the high temperatures that pizza ovens reach and maintain, the dough bakes much faster. The baking time for pizzas in a professional catering oven is just a few minutes. This means that dishes can be prepared and served more efficiently, which contributes to customer satisfaction and efficient restaurant work. When it comes to pizza, the degree of processing of the various ingredients is also important. The pizza dough must be baked, light and crispy, but the cheese must not harden or burn during baking. A short stay in a very hot oven ensures not only that the dough is properly risen and baked, but also that the cheese melted on the pizza has the perfect texture. 

The size of the pizza ovens, which are very different from the dimensions of a standard oven, is also not insignificant. Italian pizzas usually have a diameter of around 30 cm. In some pizzerias, however, there are "large" or "mega" options that go up to 60 cm in diameter. A large catering oven can accommodate up to two such large pizzas at once, and in the case of double ovens, this capacity is as high as 8 to 10 pizzas with a diameter of 30 cm. 

Gas oven 

A popular and often recommended type of pizza oven is the gas variant. This solution will work especially well in larger establishments that serve large groups of guests. This is due to the fact that once installed, they can no longer be modified for safety reasons. The catering ovens come in single-chamber and double-chamber variants, whereby the purchase of a double-chamber oven is usually more economical than buying two single-chamber ovens. As gas ovens cannot be modified after installation, they can be a risky purchase for establishments that are just starting out. 

The great advantage of gas-fired cookers, especially with the very high cost of running your own business, is that they are relatively cheap to operate. The cost of using a gas oven in catering establishments is up to half the price compared to electric ovens. The Hendi brand gas pizza oven consumes 2,852 m3/h. Based on the specifications of this product, it is easy to calculate how much it will cost to operate.

Electric oven 

Electricity prices are currently very high, so an electric pizza oven can significantly increase the amount on your energy bill. The advantage that comes with the decision to buy an electric oven, on the other hand, is that the model in question can be modified to suit your needs. This means that a fledgling restaurant can buy a single-chamber oven for itself, and expand it over time. An electric oven is also a cheaper purchase than a gas model. Prices between the two variants can differ by up to half. Check the electric oven model you choose and compare its price and performance with gas models. 

The choice of pizza oven should depend primarily on the size and needs of the establishment. This decision has an impact on the maintenance costs of the restaurant and its efficiency. Take a look at the wide range of catering ovens on merXu.