What will prompt the purchase of an electric fireplace?

An electric fireplace is thought to have a decorative function. However, it turns out that it can also be a source of heat. How do I present the advantages of an electric fireplace to customers so that they want to buy one?

An electric fireplace - more than just decoration

A fireplace is primarily associated with a pleasant evening with the family. So it is no surprise that many people have good associations with it and dream of having one in their home. However, this is not such a simple matter. If you want to build a traditional fireplace in the living room or another room, you have to take into account the right ventilation and safety issues. The alternative turns out to be an electric fireplace. Many customers associate an electric fireplace only with decoration. However, this is not its only function. An electric fireplace can heat rooms and imitate flames. How do you convince a potential buyer of this alternative?

The greatest advantages of electric fireplaces

The electric fireplace is an excellent alternative to its traditional version. In addition to its pleasing appearance, it has a number of other advantages. It is worth introducing them to your potential customers as well. Below are some of them: 

  1. Heat source - apart from the fact that the flame in an electric fireplace resembles a real fire, it actually gives off heat. Depending on the size of the area and the height of the room, it will have a different effect. It can only raise the temperature slightly or it can realistically warm up a room or the interior of a cottage. There are both models on sale that give off heat and those that only have an aesthetic function. There are also versions with a heating switch, so that it is possible to adjust the temperature in the room to the expected temperature and finish raising it there. 

  2. It does not require cleaning - throwing away ashes and washing smoky glass is a breakneck task. Admittedly, the fire in the fireplace looks nice, but the subsequent cleaning is not so pleasant. With an electric fireplace, you can forget about this procedure. The flame is artificial and, consequently, there is no need to clean up after lighting it. 

  3. Safe for the environment - the traditional fireplace is a cause for concern for parents of small children and pet owners. Inadvertently touching the glass when the wood behind it is burning with a lively flame can end in burns. For this reason, carers of toddlers and owners of dogs or cats fear for their safety. With an electric fireplace, there is no need to worry about those in the vicinity. Only the area around the cooker heats up, the fronts remain cold and the visible fire, although looking realistic, is artificial. An accidental encounter with the fireplace does not risk pain. This is one of the safest options on the market. 

  4. A living flame - many customers fear that an electric fireplace will be an inept imitation of the traditional version. No wonder, after all, when investing in home furnishings and allocating a specific area on the wall or among the furniture, they want to be sure that the end result will at least be satisfactory. No worries. The fire you see in an electric fireplace is deceptively similar to a real one. It even happens that people who do not know that it is artificial do not notice the difference. The flames move, changing shapes smoothly, and smoke rises above them. Some models have a selectable programme, so that the fire dance is not monotonous. The whole look is impressive. 

  5. Environmentally friendly - an electric fireplace can be considered an ecological solution. First of all, because it does not produce real smoke that would be transferred into the atmosphere. In addition to this, the air that the occupants breathe in the room also remains clean. This option is therefore recommended for asthmatics and people suffering from other respiratory diseases.

Electric fireplace - what is worth knowing about how it works?

It is worth explaining to the customer in the sales process what the electric fireplace scheme is all about and mentioning the convection principle.

Cool air is drawn in and heated from the inside by a heating coil. It is then gently released through the fan. In this way, it can effectively heat the room in which it is located. Customers may be deterred from purchasing by the fear of installation and the finishing work associated with it. It is therefore worth pointing out that only an electrical outlet is needed to run it - 230 V electricity is sufficient to power the fireplace. To achieve the flame effect, 200-400 W are needed for halogen and 15-30 W for LED. Fireplaces are usually controlled by remote control or via a wall panel.

Space heating with an electric fireplace - is it possible?

In answering the above question for potential customers, we must make it clear that these types of fireplaces are not able to heat an entire building.

Given their heating power, which is between 1,000 and 2,000 watts, they can give heat to an area of between 10 m² and 40 m². If the room is not separated by partitions and is a single space, this task will be easier. Most heat collects in the area where the fireplace is placed and it is a challenge for the fireplace to heat the neighbouring room. 

An electric fireplace is a convenient alternative to its traditional version. It keeps both people and the environment safe, which is extremely important to many customers. It not only gives a pleasant visual effect, but also real heat, so it is able to warm up the room. If you would like to expand your shop's range with more fireplace models, take a look at the merXu platform and see what suppliers are offering.