Stainless steel furniture for restaurants 

Hygienic conditions must prevail in a restaurant kitchen. Stainless steel furniture helps to maintain cleanliness. Find out which equipment is worth buying for your catering establishment. 

Stainless steel is an extremely versatile material that is widely used, among other things, in the kitchen. It is used not only for pots and pans or cutlery, but also for catering furniture. Thanks to its smooth, non-porous structure, stainless steel is extremely easy to clean and allows sterile conditions to be maintained in restaurant kitchens. The high strength of this material also makes stainless steel furniture very durable and resistant to many mechanical damages. All these qualities make it worth betting on a lot of kitchen equipment made of stainless steel. 

Stainless steel worktops – comfortable and hygienic work 

It is essential to work hygienically in the kitchen, otherwise the food may pose a health risk to the guests. Steel furniture allows easy and very effective cleaning and disinfection. This means that even working with raw meat is no problem. Meat portions can be processed directly on the stainless steel worktop. The structure of the metal is very smooth, so that meat liquids and bacteria do not penetrate the material and can be removed very easily. 

Wooden worktops soak up very quickly, so that blood or moisture from raw meat gets into the board and microorganisms multiply very quickly. Wood is a very undesirable material in a kitchen, especially in a catering establishment.

Plastic does not have such a porous structure, but it is quickly damaged by knives, and the damage is already a perfect habitat for pathogenic bacteria. Plastic cutting boards should only be used for vegetables and fruit, possibly bread. For meat or dairy, a stainless steel worktop is the best and most hygienic solution. 

Stainless steel furniture is also extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage as well as extreme temperatures. As a result, cooks do not have to worry about where to put a hot pot or a bowl that has just been removed from the freezer. They can also cut products directly on the worktop without any problems. 

Metal cabinets – easy to clean and durable furniture 

Fitting out a catering establishment is a major investment, and every entrepreneur wants the purchased equipment to last for many years. Stainless steel furniture is characterised by really high durability, which means that restaurant kitchen equipment can be used for up to a dozen years without any visible wear and tear. 


Thanks to how smooth and resistant to cleaning agents and disinfectants stainless steel is, kitchen furniture made of this material is very easy to keep clean. Metal cabinets can be easily vacuumed, dry-cleaned and washed with a damp cloth. Most substances, even when dried, can be removed from the surface of stainless steel furniture without scrubbing. This is a huge convenience for kitchen cleaners and also affects the durability of the equipment, which could become abraded and damaged from intensive scrubbing.

To clean stainless steel surfaces, it is of course necessary to use cleaning agents designed for contact with this material. Stainless steel cleaner will give the best results. However, most commonly available cleaning agents can also be used on metal surfaces without any problems. Special detergents and chemicals are designed not only to clean, but also to maintain the appearance of stainless steel and make it shiny. 

Food storage in stainless steel furniture 

In restaurant kitchens, it is not only important to adapt the furniture for cooking, but also for food storage. Dry food, such as pasta, groats, rice, flour or spices, does not need to be kept in the fridge. A dry, shaded and cool place is sufficient.

Stainless steel furniture is perfect for storing these types of culinary ingredients. The most important aspect is that stainless steel can come into contact with food, as it is a neutral material when it comes into contact with dry victuals. It does not react chemically with it or give off substances or fumes. Stainless steel cabinets can therefore accommodate not only kitchen equipment such as pots and pans, but also foodstuffs that do not need to be stored in the refrigerator. 

The kitchen in a catering establishment should be arranged in a thoughtful and as practical way as possible to make cooking convenient and enjoyable. Stainless steel furniture makes it easier not only to clean the kitchen, but also to prepare dishes. At merXu, you will find a wide range of stainless steel equipment that will work perfectly in a restaurant kitchen. We invite you to shop on our sales platform!