Refrigerated display cases – make your product stand out 

The presentation of your product range is an important part of its advertising – also in the catering industry. Find out how to display your products and encourage customers to buy them.  

How do you display your product in the catering industry? 

It has been known for a long time that the appearance and presentation of food make a huge difference to a restaurant's customer experience. Aesthetically arranged ingredients or finished dishes are much more inviting and can even become part of the décor of the establishment. Unfortunately, products often need to be stored at low temperatures, making them difficult to display. Refrigerated display cases make it possible to display ingredients or ready-made dishes in an interesting way so that they attract customers' attention. They maintain the optimum temperature for storing most products, so that the food does not spoil and can be presented to guests. 

Refrigerated display cases should primarily be used by businesses such as: 

● patisseries, 

● breakfast shops 

● grocery shops 

● delicatessen shops 

● restaurants, 

● buffets, 

● self-service bistros, 

● bars, 

● salad and cold-cooking establishments. 

This equipment makes it possible to present an assortment of products to customers and, at the same time, facilitate order selection. By seeing the products with their own eyes, diners will be able to decide which item they find most appealing. In many cases, this speeds up the ordering process and makes the work of waiters or cashiers easier. 

An open refrigerated display case is ideal for sandwich shops or self-service establishments. With only partial glazing, customers will be able to easily reach the product they want to buy without having to wait for service.

Vertical display cases, on the other hand, will be perfect for displaying products in a patisserie or cold ready meals. They can also be used to store and cool drinks. 

How do refrigerated display cases help to reduce costs in the premises? 

Although it's not obvious, refrigerated display cases help to reduce the cost of running a catering business in many ways. First and foremost, products stored in a display case retain their freshness and quality for longer, making them more saleable. In this way, the amount of wasted food can be significantly reduced. In addition, well-displayed items are more likely to be purchased, which also minimises wastage in the premises. 


Refrigerated display cases also help to save electricity. Large refrigerators and freezers consume an incredible amount of energy to keep the temperature down. In the case of refrigerated display cases, power consumption is much lower, so in small businesses, where products can be prepared in small quantities on an ongoing basis, such equipment should be sufficient. Most refrigeration units of this type are capable of lowering the temperature even to 0 degrees Celsius, so even meat can be stored in the display cases. 

How do I arrange a display case? 

To make the products in the display case look inviting and visually appealing, they cannot simply lie on the shelves. A refrigerated display case can be a showcase if it is appropriately decorated and arranged. In the case of grocery shops, pastry shops or bars, the best bet will be to decorate the display case from the outside. Thematic decorations, such as colourful chains and lights for Christmas or sprouting oats and Easter eggs for Easter, will bring a seasonal element to the décor of the premises. Each display case decoration can be adapted to the season or upcoming holidays. 

The interior of the display case can also be aesthetically decorated. In restaurants, refrigerated display cases can be decorated with fresh fruit and vegetables. The decoration can also be the food presented in the display case itself, served in an unobvious, fine manner. Products can also be arranged on interesting and decorative platters. The right arrangement of a display case has a huge impact on the visual impression made by its contents. 

The furnishings of a catering establishment must be well thought out and suitably matched to the needs of the business. Refrigerated display cases can help to reduce the cost of running a restaurant, minimise wastage and reduce product waste. With better merchandise presentation, customers are more likely to decide to buy, which translates into more revenue for the establishment. On the merXu platform, you can find a wide range of equipment for catering, including refrigerated display cases. We invite you to take a look at our offer!