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  • Risk-free

    With online payments, you gain access to our Buyer Protection Program, ensuring compensation of up to 3000 € in case of seller misconduct, such as failure to deliver the ordered product.

  • Speed

    Online payments are processed quickly, enabling real-time transactions. Your payment is directly transferred to the seller, allowing for immediate order processing.

  • Security

    All companies on merXu are verified by Adyen, a licensed Dutch bank and payment service provider. The online payment systems on merXu utilize advanced security measures to safeguard your company's sensitive financial information and funds.

  • Preference

    You have access to diverse online payment methods available 24/7. It's your choice how you pay for products on merXu.

One trusted marketplace, many secure online payment methods

We improve the experience in international B2B trade by offering secure online payment solutions. You are guaranteed that the transaction settlements on merXu are smooth and safe

Buyers using online payments on merXu are covered by the Buyer Protection Program, under which they can receive up to 3000 € in compensation in the event of various types of Sellers' misconduct. Details can be found in Terms and Conditions.

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Register on merXu and start buying conveniently and safely from verified suppliers from all over the European Union

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