How to reduce electric heating costs?

Electricity prices are currently very high, but it is not possible to give up electricity. Here are a few tips on how to encourage business customers to use renewable energy sources when choosing heating.

Heating buildings using electricity can be the lowest-emission

and most environmentally friendly solution. At current electricity prices, the amount of bills is a serious problem for many entrepreneurs. There is one very simple way to reduce energy costs to a minimum. Investing in a photovoltaic installation enables significant savings, and even additional earnings. Using solar panels not only reduces electricity bills but also other expenses, such as heating. Additionally, it is an eco-friendly solution, allowing entrepreneurs to pay lower fees for running their business.

Why is photovoltaics cost-effective?

Installing a photovoltaic system is a relatively expensive investment, but thanks to the large scale of savings, the cost of purchasing and setting up a solar system quickly pays off.

This is an aspect that customers should pay attention to during their purchase. Over time, the installation even starts to earn money! Excess energy produced can be sold to a local power supplier, generating additional income for the company. This can be very appealing to all interested parties.

It is also good to inform customers about additional benefits. By opting for renewable energy, entrepreneurs can take advantage of a tax relief for thermal modernization. This is an additional relief for the company's budget. The Clean Air program offers funding for implementing low-emission and environmentally friendly solutions. This makes it easy to obtain funds for purchasing and installing a system.

Paying separate bills for electricity and heating is an unnecessary expense with a photovoltaic installation. Thanks to the generation of energy by solar panels, electricity costs can be noticeably lower. With the use of photovoltaics, electric heating will not be an additional cost, but a practically free addition and benefit resulting from having a photovoltaic installation. This is a very effective way to minimize building heating costs. Don't forget to mention this when talking to the customer.

How to combine photovoltaics and electric heating?

To effectively save on electric heating, it is necessary to properly select not only heating devices but also the power of photovoltaic modules.

If you recommend panels that are too weak to the customer, there may be a problem with insufficient energy production in photovoltaic cells during winter, so it is worth having a detailed conversation. Modern solar modules are efficient enough that even inadequate sunshine during the winter period (when days are short and the sun rarely comes out from behind the clouds) does not interfere with effective electric heating.

To fully utilize the possibilities of a photovoltaic installation, mention that it can be combined with the heating system in the building. This way, the operation of an electric furnace or fireplace will be almost free. This is the most financially advantageous solution. Both small, start-up companies and large factories or corporations can use solar energy to power their installations.