merXu Assistant

Development of a tool using machine learning algorithms to increase the efficiency of sales processes on the merXu platform.

Project description

The aim of the project is to create the tool called merXu Assistant that will be implemented on the merXu trading platform( and can help both buyers and sellers.

The tool will be an innovative solution using machine learning algorithms to increase the effectiveness of sales processes conducted by the platform users. The innovativeness of the results of the Project will be achieved thanks to the innovative functionalities of the tool based on artificial intelligence algorithms, in particular with the use of generative language models.

The tool created within the framework of the Project will allow to improve the quality of offers made by sellers, receive valuable feedback on existing offers and will help customers to accurately search for products on the platform and to create new product request for quotes.

As a result, it will influence the usability of the platform and, on the part of the Applicant, increase the conversion rate of negotiations, the correctness of selecting categories of offers (with the use of automatic filters) and the number of sessions with initiated search and initiated negotiation.

The scope of the Project assumes the implementation of the R&D module divided into 5 tasks covering industrial research (tasks 1-3) and development works (task 4-5), and in order to implement them, it will be necessary to incur costs related to, among others:

  • costs of salaries for R&D personnel,

  • costs of purchasing licenses necessary to develop the tool,

  • costs of depreciation of computer equipment.

The result of the Project, i.e. "MerXu Assistant" will constitute a digital innovation as it is a solution based on information and communication technology that will be using modern large language models and state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms.

Value of project: 14 060 218, 26 PLN

European Funds contribution:
9 812 498, 10 PLN

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