Buy on merXu and get benefits for your company!

Find out 4 reasons why you should move to European e-platform for industrial sector with your company purchases.

#1 Millions of products and services for industry

Online trading platform merXu operates in marketplace model, connecting buyers and sellers. It is dedicated to companies only. There are currently available millions of professional products and services for the industrial sector. They are categorized as: safety, construction, chemicals and metallurgy, electricals, HoReCa, tools, heating and plumbing, lighting, industry and machine building, agriculture, Health care and Wellness, company and office equipment

#2 Flexible offer at competitive prices

Both products and services offered on merXu have competitive prices. To find a specific product, just enter its name, EAN code or manufacturer’s name in the search engine. You can place orders by “buy now” or by individual arrangements with sellers. You can make single and bulk purchases via the platform. If you do not find the goods or services you are interested in on merXu offer, you can add a public inquiry, which goes to the main page of the marketplace. Sellers who are able to fulfill such an order submit their proposals. After both parties accept the terms and conditions, the selected transaction can be completed.

#3 No language barriers

Contact with international trading partners is facilitated by internal communicator that translates conversations in real time. The buyer can write messages in his or her native language and foreign seller gets automatic translation and vice versa. This is very valuable functionality from merXu users' perspective. Using the communicator you can not only ask for additional information, but also arrange the details of custom transactions, which require e.g. price negotiations, individual delivery terms or product personalization.

#4 Free registration and access to the platform for buyers

Registration on merXu and using all marketplace functionalities are currently completely free for buyers. Basically, they can take advantage of the opportunities offered by European trading platform dedicated to the industrial sector without any restrictions. But that’s not all. The team working on merXu development successively create Help Center base where they share with users knowledge about buying and selling on the European platform.

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