Risen Energy, one of the oldest companies in the photovoltaic industry, has been a catalyst for worldwide energy progression by leveraging solar modules and photovoltaic power plants. Their mission is to offer planet-friendly energy alternatives and integrated services all over the world, contributing to clients' endeavours towards low and zero-carbon goals. Founded in China in 1986, Risen Energy has grown into a public company since 2010, with its shares listed on the stock exchange. Boasting a workforce of approximately 8,000, the company's manufacturing capabilities are striking, with an annual output of 11.1 GW, which puts it among the largest manufacturers globally. Its primary product lines are:- Titan: Containing monocrystalline modules using PERC and Bifacial technology, - Jäger Plus: Also incorporating monocrystalline PERC and dual-side panels,- Sieger: Developed using HJT and Bifacial technology.

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