Fox ESS stands at the forefront of inverter and energy storage solution development worldwide. Our products, crafted by premier inverter and battery specialists globally, are paving new paths in the sector by offering clients the most cutting-edge features available, coupled with exceptional performance and reliability levels. Fox inverters are meticulously designed to achieve top-notch performance, efficiency, reliability, and durability. The components' quality directly influences an inverter's lifespan. Fox inverters incorporate a unique design of heat-sink and cooling fins embedded within the inverter casing for optimum direct contact with heat generating parts. The EV charger is a novel product unveiled by FoxESS, boasting a sleek and simple design that exudes a more upscale and elegant vibe. Via the app, the vehicle owner can opt for Bluetooth smart lock, schedule charging, or switch to plug and play mode. Simultaneously, it enables monitoring of charging data, setting of EV charger parameters, equipment binding and authorization, and software upgrading remotely.

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