Transaction Payments in respect of the following products and services are excluded:

  1. Adoption agencies 
  2. Any products or services promoting racism/discriminations 
  3. Bestiality 
  4. Contraband products and products banned to be imported 
  5. Counterfeit products infringing copyright and registered trademarks  
  6. Cryptocurrency traders 
  7. Email lists, social media followers and accounts 
  8. E-wallet operators  
  9. Exotic and/or protected animals 
  10. Financial products and/or services offered by institutions without relevant license from local authority (e.g. currency exchange, sales of securities, investment clubs, money orders, travelers cheques) 
  11. Firearms, Weapons and/or ammunition and/or gas launchers
  12. Gambling without a license granted by the relevant local authority 
  13. Products and services which cannot be sold pursuant to the applicable law 
  14. Products and services connected with pornography, bestiality, with content appealing to disseminate hatred in connection with national, ethnic, racial, worldview diversities, content infringing personal rights
  15. Online services with pornographic content, e.g., chat rooms, video cameras, VOD movies
  16. Illegal drugs, intoxicants, including designer drugs, as well as equipment and technology used for their farming, production, trade, bath salts, etc.
  17. Intermediaries accepting payments on behalf of many recipients without legal authority or not meeting the requirements of Payment Schemes 
  18. Malware, e.g., rogue ware, viruses, etc. 
  19. Marketplace operators 
  20. Natural products and dietary supplements which can be treated as miracle product (using deceptive marketing) 
  21. People/organ trafficking 
  22. Pyramid schemes, ponzi schemes, other “get rich quickly” schemes and Argentinian schemes 
  23. Prescription drugs, pharmaceutical products and assimilated “natural products 
  24. Sub-aggregation (way of operating)
  25. Any kind of products or services related to Terrorism sponsorship/money laundering
  26. Forex brokers – unregulated or regulated in off-shore countries
  27. Websites depicting violence, and extreme sexual violence
  28. Tobacco products and e-cigarettes (MCC 5993)
  29. Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (MCC 4722)
  30. Computer network/information services (all cyberl​ockers)​  (MCC 4816)
  31. Digital goods – games (only fantasy sports gaming) (MCC 5816)
  32. Drug stores; pharmacies (only prescription drugs) (MCC 5122/5912)
  33. Direct marketing-travel related arrangement services (MCC 5962)
  34. Direct marketing-outbound telemarketing merchants​ (MCC 5966)
  35. Direct marketing-inbound telemarketing merchants ​(MCC 5967)
  36. Direct marketing-continuity/subscription merchants ​(MCC 5968)
  37. Cryptocurrencies traders, exchange platforms etc. (MCC 6051)
  38. Securities - brokers/dealers (sales of certain types of securities, e.g., Initial coin offerings (ICOs), Cryptocurrency options trading​​) ​(MCC 6211)
  39. Timeshares (MCC 7012)
  40. Dating and escort services ​(MCC 7273)
  41. Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting, and Wagers at Race Tracks (MCC 7995)