Wood planer, wood router guide, total area 100 cm x 150 cm

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A light and stable planer (guide for a milling machine, thicknesser) for wood

A very wide range of applications, including for processing wooden panels, slices, tops made of epoxy resin, etc.

Thanks to the use of reinforced construction profiles, it does not vibrate during operation and does not "sit down" under the weight of the milling machine.

Main features:

  • Total area 100cm wide. 150cm
  • Working area 55 cm wide. 105 (the material can be moved along the length under the planner, so the length of the processed material is practically unlimited)
  • Easy processing of materials, even with large surfaces
  • Simple and reliable construction
  • very high strength and lightness
  • professional appearance (ideal for recording film materials from the work carried out, e.g. on your YouTube channel)
  • height of the processed material approx. 10 cm (thanks to the use of additional aluminum profiles, you can adjust the height) (if you need more, you can buy larger profiles.)
  • There are several configuration options for the machine.
  • max. weight of the milling machine approx. 8 kg.

The kit includes:

  • The assembled planer is ready to work with the height of the processed material approx. 100mm.(just insert two guides and it's ready)
  • Plate for the milling machine (please specify the hole to be cut in the comment)
  • Screwdriver + flat wrench No. 8 - for possible adjustment
  • < li> Brakes (allow to block the milling machine guide and work only in one plane, e.g. left, right or front and back)

The set does not include:

  • Bases for the entire guide - just cut the board, e.g.MDF to the size of the planner (additional equipment)
  • Milling machines shown in the pictures

At your request, we can make a planner of virtually any height and dimensions from 100cm (working surface approx. 55cm) up to a maximum width of 250 cm (working area 205 cm) and a length of up to 300 cm (working area 255 cm

When manually moving the material, the length is practically unlimited).

Thanks to the guide, you will not only be able to process materials with a large area, but also gain new orders, expanding your offer with large-scale planning.

The kit is quick to assemble and disassemble!

It takes just a few minutes to fold the planner and put it in a warehouse or car.

If you have any questions, our team is at your disposal :)