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Wind farm 2000W set: turbine + on-grid inverter + mast 4m + protections (MJ)

Wind farm 2000W set: turbine + on-grid inverter + mast 4m + protections (MJ)

€1,860.14 +VAT
PLN 8,059.11
1 pc.
€1,860.14 +VAT
PLN 8,059.11
1 ×
PLN 8,059.11 +VAT
(1 pc.)
Ista Breeze wind turbine i-2000
On-grid inverter for a wind farm 2000W
Mast 4 meters with guy wires for the assembly of this power plant

Micro wind power plant.Recommended for stationary solutions, mounted on the roof of buildings or on a mast.
It is a power plant with high efficiency considering its weight and size.
Like any wind turbine, it should be installed as high as possible, away from obstacles.The place of installation has a major influence on the amount of energy produced.We cannot guarantee energy yield.
Without notification and without permission, it may be mounted on an existing building on a mast up to a height of 3 meters above the highest element of the roof.Remember to ground the mast.
Note: The on-gird inverter from this kit only has European LVD and CE certificates.There are no specific Polish.Before buying, it is worth asking the power company if they agree to connect this inverter to the prosumer.

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