Washable cloth Lavette Super, Chicopee package-color: 25 pcs - blue washing cloths, coarser, antibacterial, M74-466

25 pcs - blue
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25 pcs - blue

Lavette Super - dimensions: 51 x 36 cm

• Durable multi-purpose rags.

• Open (perforated) structure - exceptionally efficient collection of impurities.

• Easy to rinse and dry quickly - wipes stay like new longer.

• Antibacterial effect.

• Strong enough - comfortable to use.

• Color marking helps to meet the requirements of HACCP standards.

• Machine washable - ready to use again.

• Durability - excellent value for money.

• In use, offers strength and safety - Food Contact Certification (FCC).

Lavette Super is the champion among wipes thanks to the properties that ensure maximum surface cleanliness.Wipes absorb and clean well, but also dry quickly.The unique combination of fibers and binders used in Lavette Super products ensures their antibacterial effect by preventing the growth of the bacterial population, and thus guarantees the safety of using the towel in kitchens and sanitary areas.

Lavette Super products can be used with any cleaning and disinfecting products.These are multi-purpose wipes that can be used, rinsed and repeatedly washed, which means that they are economical and environmentally efficient.

Lavette Super rags are available in five different colors, which is suitable for compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) standards.The use of different color designs allows the creation of a cleaning system in which each of the colors is assigned to a specific area of cleaning or activity.In this way, it is possible to eliminate the risk of using a contaminated cloth in a hygienic environment.

The following color coding system can be used, for example, in a restaurant (these instructions are for information only, but are not binding):

Blue - Premises of restaurant facilities, eg tables, trays.

Red - Washrooms, floors and toilets.

Yellow - Disinfection of kitchen utensils, eg knives.

Green - Kitchen and food preparation areas.

White - Routine Cleaning

FCC Certification (Food Contact Certification = Food Safety)

The new generation of Lavette Super towels has passed all tests and is compliant with the rules and Regulation of the European Parliament (EC) No 1935/2004 on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.This means that using a Lavette Super cloth as a cleaning cloth is completely safe even if the cloth comes in direct or indirect contact with food.

The product does not endanger the health or safety of users in any way.Therefore, if you are cleaning food preparation or other handling areas, it is in your best interest to make sure that you use FCC-certified food contact wipes.