VirBuster 4000A, ozone generator

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EAN: 034966215215
Ozone generator VirBuster 4000A is equipped with analog timing with display of remaining time.Ozone production is 3.5g O3 per hour. Thanks to its high performance and strong oxidizing effect, O3 destroys viruses, bacteria, yeasts, fungi and their spores.With prolonged exposure, they also kill insects and other parasites.The advantage is the perfect removal of odors, such as the smell of cigarette smoke, rot, animal odor, etc.

Low disinfection costs
VirBuster ozone generators do not need any cartridges or other consumables or filters.For their function, they only need a 230V power supply.Only 14 pennies are enough to disinfect a 6 x 6 m area with a ceiling height of 2.77 m (100 m3).

Wide range of applications
VirBuster ozone generators can be successfully used for sterilization and disinfection in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, schools, fitness centers, shops, locker rooms, theaters, restaurants, households, etc.Thanks to their abilities, they can also be used to disinfect air conditioners and interiors of cars, buses and other means of transport, where they rid the space not only of unwanted microorganisms, but also of odors.

Robust and light design
VirBuster ozone generators are made of sheet steel and provided with a high-quality powder coating.The design also took into account the low weight for mobile use.

Precise design
each VirBuster generator is carefully assembled from only the highest quality components for long product life.Every VirBuster generator is subjected to demanding tests in the production plant.

Intake air filter
VirBuster air intake is performed through a filter, which guarantees that dust particles will not be dispersed into the disinfected area.

Powerful and high-quality fan
the fans used in VirBuster generators have exclusively ball bearings to maintain their long life.The use of ball bearings has a positive effect on fan noise, which is only 45 dB.

Easy to carry
VirBuster generators are lightweight due to their design and easy to carry thanks to the handle.

Czech certificate
VirBuster generators have been tested in Czech testing laboratories and have a Czech and CE certificate.

Made in the Czech Republic
VirBuster ozone generators were completely designed and are manufactured in the Czech Republic by Diametral a.s.

Warranty and post-warranty service in the Czech Republic
every product can sometimes break down.Thanks to the production plant and service in the Czech Republic, you are guaranteed that your product will always be functional.

Weight: 4.5 kg
Timer: analog
Ozone amount: 3500 mg / hour
Ozone production: 3500 mg / hour
Timer: analog
Dimensions (L x H x W): 172 x 244 x 282 mm
Maximum power consumption: 70 W
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Fan power: 160 m3 / hod