ULTRAVIOL NBVE-60/30 PL flow-through virucidal lamp - mobile with a counter

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PLN 1,550.00
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ULTRAVIOL NBVE-60/30 PL flow-through virucidal lamp - mobile with a meter


  • supply voltage: 230 V 50 Hz
  • power consumption: 105 V
  • internal element emits UV-C radiation: 2x30 W
  • external element emits UV-C radiation: 1x30 W
  • intensity of UV-C radiation at a distance of 1 m: 100 μW / cm2
  • durability of the heater: 8000 h
  • fan capacity: 132 m3 / h
  • disinfected volume: 25-50 m3
  • lamp operating range: 10-20 m2
  • second class protection class: I
  • type of housing: IP 20
  • dome dimensions: 1125 x 285 x 130 mm
  • dimensions: 600 x 1340 x 600 mm
  • weight: 13.0 kg

The lamp is approved by the National Institute of Hygiene.

The bifunctionality of the virucidal and bactericidal lamp NBVE 60/30 PL is based on the interchangeable use of this device both in the presence of staff and patients in the room (flow function) and in the absence of people (direct action function).The UV-C lamps inside the lamp deactivate viruses, fungi, molds, bacteria and other microorganisms from the air that flows through the lamp.This process is possible, among others, thanks to an efficient fan located in the disinfection chamber.On the other hand, external UV-C radiators illuminate surfaces when there is no one in the room.Thanks to this, you can get rid of viruses, bacteria, mold and fungi from the surfaces that the lamp will illuminate.The NBVE-60 / 30PL dual-function virucidal and bactericidal lamp is standard equipped with 2 induction counters with indications with an accuracy of 1 h.The lamp is made of acid-resistant sheet metal - thanks to which it disinfects the air more effectively, and keeping the device clean is not a problem.The virucidal and bactericidal NBVE series lamps perfectly fulfill their function in operating theaters, in patient rooms, corridors, in emergency rooms, nurseries, kindergartens and in production halls.NBVE lamps have all the required certificates, including certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH) .