Trigger undervoltage h250-h630 380-450VAC HXC015H Hager

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Manufacturer catalog number
Trigger undervoltage h250-h630 380-450VAC

Hager is a leader in electrical installation systems for homes, offices and industrial spaces.
We offer not only a wide range of switches and sockets, but also solutions in the field of energy distribution.
These are high-quality products, characterized by a timeless design,
a variety of patterns, colors, shapes and high aesthetic values and ultra-modern design.

Technical dataRated operating voltage Ue (AC): 380/450 Total power loss for rated current: 2.3 W

All AC circuit breakers, power disconnectors, transfer switches and RCDs have one and common feature - are perfectly adapted to meet the current requirements resulting from everyday electrical installation practice.A variety of connection options and a wide range of accessories allow for the implementation of non-standard solutions in buildings without much effort.Power switches, size h250 (TM / TM +):
• equipped with thermal-magnetic releases
• regulation of the thermal element in the range from 0.63 to 1xIn
• regulation of the magnetic element in the range: 6-8-10 -13 x In
3P & amp; 4P (3P only up to 25 kA)
• mechanical button TEST
• integrated lever lock for padlock max. ?4 mm
• standard connection with cable lugs, 8 mm hole,
width. max. 25 mm
• according to IEC 60947-2
Size h250 (LSI):
Power circuit-breakers:
• equipped with electronic triggers (LSI)
• regulation of the overload element in the range from 0 , 4 to 1xIN
• adjustment of the short-circuit element in the range from 2.5 to 10xIN
• in accordance with IEC 60947-2
• delivered with pole barriers as standard
• mounting on mounting plate
• cage clamps for copper wires available as accessories
• mechanical button TEST
• standard connection with cable lugs, 8 mm hole,
width. max. 22mm, wire 35-120mm?,
35-120 mm cable?

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