Submersible drainage sump pump Aquamonts Aquanaut 96 K-18 2,2kW 4SD 400V

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Technical data sheet for download Use: pumping of service and drinking water from deep narrow boreholes and wells, shafts, etc. pumping of clean or slightly polluted water with sand particles content up to 150 g / m3 pumping of tanks and water reservoirs irrigation and spraying installation of water mains for family houses, cottages, industrial and agricultural buildings suitable for setting up a domestic waterworks with a submersible pump, automatic irrigation, etc. suitable for home and professional useEquipment and benefits: multistage centrifugal pump with floating impellers loosely mounted impellers have axial movement, which eliminates the possibility of entrapment or wear by sand and mechanical impurities wear-resistant plastic impellers suction and discharge casing made of pump, suction strainer and shaft coupling made of stainless steel submersible three-phase asynchronous motor SD seal made of silicon carbide and titanium lubricated with oil filling built-in non-return valve for installation external motor protection required - not included in delivery: submersible pump with 20 m cable assembly available even with a longer cable, when ordering at the e-shop checkout, the required cable length must be added to the note, while the price of the set will be increased by 1 Euro for each meter above the standard 20 meter cable lengthTechnical parameters: maximum flow: 180 l / min - 10.8 m3 / hourmaximum discharge: 113 mPower: 2.2 kWSupply voltage: 3 x 40 0 Connection: G 2 "female thread standard cable length: 20 m pump diameter: 96 mm pump length: 1507 mm smallest borehole diameter: 125 mm maximum immersion depth: 100 mm maximum liquid temperature: 35 C maximum liquid content in the liquid: 150 g / m3 maximum number fastening: 20 / hrmaterial: brass, stainless steelweight: 25 kgmanufacturer: Aquamonts