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    PLN 350.00
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    PLN 350.00
PLN 350.00+VAT
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Structures (supports) for the ground for photovoltaic systems

The supports are made:

- cold bent steel

- 3 mm and 4 mm thickness

-protected with hot-dip galvanization

We have strength tests.

The offer does not apply to cross profiles (visible, among others, in the illustrative photo No. 3).

Price :

1.Panels with dimensions of 1x1.70m -1 set. supports: PLN 350.00 net (PLN 430.50 gross)

2.Panels with dimensions of 2x1m - 1 set. supports:

PLN 450.00 net (PLN 553.50 gross)

The price may vary depending on the price of steel on the market.

In the case of permanent cooperation, the price is negotiable.

Payment terms: 100% prepayment before shipping the goods.

The price does not include transport costs.

We issue a VAT invoice.

Customer Service Department, email:

tel. +48 32 320 76 13 (Mon-Fri 7:00 - 15:00).


In the inquiry, please provide your e-mail address (we will send you an offer), and the city to which the product is to be shipped (we set the cost of transport individually).

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