Spade FISKARS Xact large (L) pointed (engraving in hard and stony soil)

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CZK 971.07
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The Fiskars XactTM pointed spade has an extremely strong, sharp blade and a non-slip tread to penetrate hard soil.This large spade is suitable for taller users (175 - 195 cm).The Fiskars XactTM spade is a revolutionary redesign of this common garden tool.The spade, which also comes in a medium size for smaller users (M), has a new innovative blade design made of durable boron steel, firmly welded to an elegant steel and composite handle.It is light, stiff and durable.The extra strong and sharp blade with a non-slip tread is ideal for penetrating hard soil and its Push-Pull handle gives confidence when operating the spade.The best tool for digging in hard and stony soil.The pointed, sharp blade with a non-slip tread easily penetrates soil layers and roots.The recommended height of the user is 175-195 cm.Easy penetration into the soil thanks to the sharp, light and strong EaseCutTM blade made of boron steel.Ergonomic handle shaping.Special Push-Pull handle made of SoftGripTM material for a comfortable grip.Tread edge with anti-slip treatment.Low weight - the handle is made of steel and the innovative FiberCompTM material.