Soudal T-REX GOLD POWER 290 ml

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Soudal T-REX GOLD POWER NEW!Unique fiber composition for maximum bond strength!The strongest glue on the market!High-strength adhesive with extreme initial adhesion higher than 400 kg / m2. Sudal T-REX GOLD POWER creates a highly strong, flexible and waterproof joint.It adheres even to wet surfaces.The fiber-reinforced structure of the adhesive ensures high strength and long-term durability of the bonded joint.Product characteristics: - extremely high initial adhesion, with a full-area application higher than 400 kg / m2 - in most applications does not require fixation of glued objects - adheres to wet substrates - excellent adhesion to common porous and non-porous materials Examples of use: - all common assembly gluing in the home also on the construction site - structural gluing and sealing of joints of vibrating and dynamically stressed structures - gluing in the automotive industry - gluing of floor moldings - gluing of mirrors directly on the reflective layer.Color: white Packaging: cartridge 290 ml Storage: in the original packaging in a dry and cool place at temperatures of + 5 ° C to + 25 ° C.Documentation.Suitable surfaces: all common surfaces except PP, PE, Teflon and asphalt Surface condition: clean, cohesive, free of grease and dust We always recommend a preliminary adhesion test.Procedure: Apply the adhesive to one surface with an application gun in the form of stripes or spots and immediately press firmly.Cleaning: uncured can be cleaned with acetone or white spirit - White Spirit, after hardening mechanically.Repairs: T-REX GOLD POWER Safety: Observe normal hygiene and safety conditions.See product label for further instructions.Recoatability: The product can be recoated with various coatings.Colors may vary in composition depending on the manufacturer.For this reason, we recommend testing the compatibility of the product with the coating in advance.The drying time of alkyd paints can be extended.Recommendation: The product can be applied to most common building materials.The composition of these materials (plastics, polycarbonates, plasters, metals, etc.) may vary depending on the manufacturer.We always recommend testing the adhesion of the product to the surface before starting work.