Sofarsolar SOFAR Solar HYD 10KTL-3PH hybrid inverter/inverter -

Sofarsolar SOFAR Solar HYD 10KTL-3PH hybrid inverter/inverter -

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Three-phase hybrid inverter for solar applications with lithium battery storage.It will provide up to 10 kW of asymmetric 3 phase emergency power supply (EPS) in the event of a utility grid failure. Two MPPT trackers and two independent battery ports allow multiple battery capacity configurations in 2,5 kWh increments.Up to 10 inverters can be connected to the EPS and AC port in parallel. The integrated power management system has various user-friendly modes, including an automatic self-consumption mode.The user can also set different time and/or date ranges or day of the week rules.All modes can be easily configured on the large LCD display.Among other things, the inverter is compatible with Sofar SOLAR's own high-voltage battery unit AMASSTORE GTX 3000-H.The inverter comes with a WiFi-stick for easy connection of the inverter to SofarSolar SW.
Technical parameters of HYD 10KTL-3PH: 
Supported Li-Ion battery:

Battery voltage: 180 to 800 V
Max. charge/discharge current: 50A
Peak charge/discharge current: 70A@60sek.
Communication interface CAN(RS 485)

MPPT tracker parameters:

Number of PV inputs (number of MPPT): 2
Recommended max. PV output: 2×7500Wp
Max.DC voltage (Voc): 1000V
MPPT regulation range: 180 to 960V
Full load MPPT range: 220 to 850V
Start (min.) voltage: 200V
Max. input current: 25A (to each input)

AC parameters (mains connection):

Rated power: 10kW
Rated voltage 3L/N/PE: 220/380VAC  1800
Max.AC output power to the grid: 11kW
Max.AC input from the distribution network: 20kW
Max. current output AC to the distribution network: 16A
Max. AC current input from the distribution network: 29A

AC parameters - Back-up output:

Nominal power: 10kW
Max. power: 11kW
Peak apparent power: 20kVA (60 sec.)
Max. output current: 16A
Peak output current: 30A (60 sec.)
Nominal voltage 3L/N/PE: 220/380VAC 230/400VAC
Switching time: < 15 ms

General parameters:

Dimension: 571×515×264 mm
Weight: 37kg
Topology: without transformer
Standby consumption: <10W
Noise: <45dB
Cooling:  Active
Coverage: IP65
Interface: LCD display + WiFi
Warranty: 220/380VAC0 years 220/380VAC1