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8790 HMA Deep Socket wrench,? "
  • 1/4 “socket wrench interchangeable bit for manual and machine operation (ISO 2725 Part 3) with groove on ball retainer; for hexagon nuts and bolts,
  • For manual and machine use (non-impact), even with deep screw connections and protruding threaded rods,
  • With color coding system for keys according to the size "Take it easy" for easier and faster finding the right tool,
  • Handy shape that allows you to grasp even grease-soiled hands,
  • With hexagonal profile,
  • enables the transfer of high forces and also loads the edges of a nut or screw head to a lesser extent than a twelve-edge profile,
  • A finely serrated ratchet thanks to a small working angle makes the use of a twelve-edge profile unnecessary, even in narrow spaces,