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The equipment of the optimized slicer with 220 mm knife convinces in many respects with its technical solutions.The high-performance integrated oblique knife has a rest presser, a knife sharpener, a slice guide and - for safety reasons - a double knife guard and an electromagnetic switch. Parameters: Indicator lamp On.on / offConnected load 0.13 kW Voltage 230 V Frequency 50 Hz On / off switch yes Knife diameter 220 mm Max rotation speed 191 rpm / min Cutting thickness1 - 12 mm Cutting length 205 mm Cutting height 135 mm With knife sharpener Version Knife built-in oblique / gravity knife Adapted to sausages Cable length 1.4 m Protection level IPX3 Control Knob knife guard double electromagnetic switch yes guide slicer presser leftover crane version 220 gantry version 2 handles Basic MaterialAluminium Plexiglass Plastic Important note - width410 mm depth 475 mm height 360 mm weight 14.0 kg ...