Set GN1 / 1 222 mm heat-insulating container made of pyocelan with 6 GN1 / 6 200 mm containers and 6 lids with silicone seal

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Manufacturer catalog number
  • Intended for direct contact with food or in GN containers
  • The possibility of storing food in a container even in cooling chambers
  • It is allowed to heat the container with food directly in the oven chambers in temperature up to + 70 ° C not longer than 2 hours or up to + 100 ° C not longer than 15 minutes
  • Food storage for up to 30 days at room temperature (depending on the type of food)
  • The containers are made of PIOCYLATE
    - a material that is an innovative hybrid of polystyrene and polyolefin.The advantages of both raw materials are a perfect combination.
  • Made of black pyocelate LSP EB in molding technology
  • The container is light and hygienic, has very good thermal insulation properties, and at the same time is extremely durable and wear-resistant
  • All these features make the packaging an excellent solution for transporting food for the catering industry and catering companies, it will work both with hot and cold products.
  • It has ergonomic handles for easy transport and is suitable for stacking
  • The container is available in black
  • Meets the legal and hygienic requirements of direct food contact packaging
  • with 6 GN 1/6 containers (H) 200 mm + 6 lids with silicone gasket