Schneider Sedna Design switch 1/0 cord screwless white

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Schneider Electric Sedna Design & amp; Elements switch SDD114122 is a mechanism with fixing frame in color anthracite.This is a cord push-button switch.The switch is made of thermoplastic ABS-UV stabilized, making it as resistant as possible.And its rated current is 10A, with the maximum power allowed of 2300W.Painted surface finish makes it exceptionally wear and corrosion resistant.It is 73 mm in width, 73 mm in height, 45 mm in depth, whose projecting depth is 24 mm.And the product weighs 0.063 kg.The connection terminals of this switch are screwless terminals.Its matching mounting box can be recessed into the surface of the wall with flush type.Its fixing mode is claws, screws.It reaches IP20 degree of protection too.Also, it has the quality label of CE.What's more, it well satisfied the standard of IEC 60669-1.It obtained GOST-R certificate as well.The switches have a rounded profile creating the illusion that the switch is not flush with the wall but rather floating in front of it, bringing both lightness and elegance.Sedna is a new generation of electrical switches inspired by fashion and interior design.Insert and cover frame finishes can be mixed to respond to all home decorating styles.